Voting on the bill on gambling in Ukraine

The legalization of gambling is almost the main topic in Ukraine today. The intensity the leading managers of the country promote it with gives the impression of an early resolution of the issue. Nevertheless, despite all the hype surrounding the sore topic, there is still no result. There are many opinions on how to properly […]

Australia discusses the possibility of limiting gambling spending of users

The Australian Banking Association has initiated a discussion on the possibility of limiting gambling spending when using credit cards. Stakeholders are involved in the dialogue. The organization’s goal is to protect the rights of users’ online gambling. The association notes that members of the organization have recently been concerned about the aggravation of the situation […]

Gaming and gambling addiction: scientists dispelled the myth

Ludomania, or gambling addiction, belongs to the class of non-chemical addictions. It’s usually equated with the dependence on purchases or food. Gambling involves certain risks, and the most dangerous of them in many countries is considered to be gambling addiction. Major operators, gambling regulators, and governments in many countries are considering ways to minimize this […]

Denmark has introduced deposit limits for online players since 2020

Starting in 2020, in Denmark, customers of legal online gambling operators will be required to set deposit limits for themselves for periods of one day, week and month. Such an order was issued on the eve of the Danish gambling regulator Spillemyndigheden. This proposal, aimed at combating the gambling problem, was published by the regulator […]

New players come to the gambling market of Belarus

Enlabs has completed the acquisition of KDB Games and currently controls one of the gambling establishments in Belarus. In their turn, this enables Enlabs to apply for a license for the right to engage in gambling. Enlabs (previously Nordic Leisure) owns and manages companies in the gaming sector through two divisions: Online Gambling and Media. […]

Ukrainian Gaming Week Awards

The global gaming industry shows rapid growth: in accordance with Coherent Market Insight, the gambling market volume will increase by 11.4 % by 2026. The emergence of new technologies and software definitely affects industry development, providing companies with significant advantages over competitors. In order to keep up with trends, there is a brilliant opportunity to […]

In the Netherlands, the regulator announced the need to check the age of players

The Dutch gambling regulator (KSA) has added age checking on online gambling services as a priority criterion. With the onset of 2020, online gambling operators will be required to check the age of players before the registration process. This issue is on the agenda of the gambling regulator due to the high prevalence of illegal […]

Google will advertise gambling in the United States

Google will become more loyal to the advertising of American online operators.The company is about to ease up online casino advertising and get rid of a sweeping ban on the industry, in accordance with a report from EGR.Google has reported that online gambling operators from 4 states will be able to advertise their own services. […]

Online Gambling: Where Does The Future Go?

There is an opinion that online gambling has become a logical continuation of the gambling business, but does this mean a massive transfer of players from the traditional land-based gambling casino to the virtual one? To some extent, the Internet has transformed economic development and business operations and has not bypassed gambling. However, the gambling […]

Results of the iGB Affiliate 2019 Conference

The iGB Affiliate 2019 Partner Conference, held in Lisbon from October 16 to 19, was one of the most important events of the year for professionals in the online gambling and sports betting industry. The event was attended by more than 2500 participants, among them more than 1200 representatives of partners of leading operators of […]

Spain is about to change the gambling advertising rules

The proposed changes to the gambling advertising rules have been approved by the Spanish gambling regulator. The amendments proposed by the Spanish Gambling Trade Association Jdigital will enter into force in mid-January and will be accepted by local licensed gambling operators. At a meeting on November 14, hew changes to the way gambling products are […]

Online Gambling in Italy

Italy’s revenue growth from online casino gambling slowed in October 2019. This follows from the report of the Italian gambling regulator Agenzia delle dogane e dei Monopol (AAMS). According to the document, in October, online casino operators licensed in Italy received an income of 65.7M euros, which is 1.2% more than the same month last […]