Why Affiliates?

Any type of review presupposes hard work and dedication. It consists of planning and creating credible content. You can only assume how much time and effort one would need in order to create something like bitcoinbuster.com.

Nevertheless, time is not the only one problem appearing on the way to success. The most important problem is to find enough money to keep the platform working. Our main goal is to provide users with the best content on the Internet. First and foremost, we have the need for depositing money onto any online gambling casino in order to analyze it properly. As we all know gambling is about winning but it is also about losing. Sometimes it can be quite costly for us.

We know that money changes the way we live. But our point of view is that money isn’t everything. We believe that experience of users is vitally important. It’s significant, especially for the online gambling industry. Because of that, our website is completely ad-free and we try to do everything we can to provide our users with the most useful and reliable service possible.

How Do Keep Our Mission Alive?

This question is actually quite simple to answer. As you understand we don’t ask for any sort of monetary compensation. What we need from you is to contribute and by doing this helps us improve and develop. The whole system of contribution is pretty obvious. Every time you use an affiliate link on our platform in order to visit this or that online gambling casino, we receive a very small commission from our partners. We also must notice that we become partners only after having written a review. Everyone understands that this kind of system is really credible and fully unbiased.

Why Should You Become a Contributor?

It’s vitally important for you to comprehend that the whole thing of becoming a contributor is absolutely free. It costs nothing but has many advantages. The first one is that our platform saves you a lot of time and after visiting offered online gambling websites you will definitely be satisfied and happy. The second important advantage of becoming a contributor is that no private information is collected while you are using our service. It makes the whole process absolutely safe and trustworthy. And the third advantage of using our service is that it will never affect your gambling experience in any possible way.