Guide to Crypto & Bitcoin Dice, Faucet & Strategy to Win in 2024

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency available and with its ever-increasing popularity, the crypto has found its way into the casino world. There are many bitcoin casinos available for online punters looking to bet in crypto. Players can also enjoy a wide variety of bitcoin games, including bitcoin dice, arguably the simplest and purest titles you’ll encounter playing online games. Bitcoin dice game is very easy to play, featuring simple rules and a low 1% house edge, explaining why many punters love it. However, not all offers you come across will be desirable. It is still essential to review all bitcoin platforms offering dice, especially when looking to play for real money.

How do I Choose a Bitcoin Dice Site

As one of the most straightforward bitcoin games, dice are offered by most online casinos. It has a superb payout and offers simple gameplay. Most platforms also provide dice games compatible with PC and mobile platforms, so playing shouldn’t be a problem. Nonetheless, you still need to find a trusted site for a memorable experience. Here are some tips to help you find the best offers online:

  •   Find top-rated lists

There are numerous online casinos and many offer bitcoin games, including dice. Going through all existing platforms and keeping tabs on emerging offers can be daunting and time-consuming. Fortunately, you can find online reviews that list the best offers available. For instance, you can pull up top 10 or top 20 lists online and isolate bitcoin dice sites with a good rating. Once you have a few top-rated platforms, the next step is to compare them along crucial aspects that tie up the gaming experience you’ll encounter playing in those sites.

  •   Review license and certification

This might seem obvious, but many players forget the importance of verifying if an online site is legitimate. You shouldn’t play games provided by any bitcoin casino that doesn’t have a valid gambling license. Most are scams and feature rigged gaming software. Ensure you scroll to the bottom section of the site to view copyright information and proceed to verify the license. There are many credible gambling regulators, including the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC), Curacao and more. Just confirm the platform has a valid license from any of the mentioned agencies.

  •   Compare bonuses and promotions

Bonuses and promotions are a big part of gambling, so it is always important to compare these offers as they impact the gambling experience you’ll have. The best dice sites offer lucrative welcome bonuses and regular promotions, such as reload bonuses, cashbacks, free games, VIP perks, happy hours and so forth. When comparing bonuses, remember to read all terms and conditions, especially the wagering requirements and expiry dates. Some bonuses might seem attractive but are subject to steep wagering applied to both the bonus and your hard-earned deposit. You should also check the maximum payout you can win using the bonus.

  •   Review existing bitcoin dice games

There are many dice games you can play online, but each provides a unique experience. Like regular dice, bitcoin games come in variants provided by different developers. A good bitcoin dice casino offers a few options to explore, breaking the monotony of playing one game repeatedly. However, not all sites with many dice games are worth joining. Ensure the games offer high-quality graphics, sleek gameplay and, more importantly, are provably fair. This involves checking if the site has games independently audited for fair results. You can also find sites with jackpot games.

  •   Compare payment methods

Since you are looking for a bitcoin dice game, it is important to choose sites that support bitcoin payments. However, you don’t always have to deposit crypto to play such games. Some casinos allow you to use various payment methods, including credit cards, eWallets and prepaid cards. The funds are then converted to their bitcoin equivalent, which you can then bet on dice. The priority here is to find online platforms that support bitcoin payout, offer bitcoin dice games and have secure a server.

  •   Mobile compatibility

If you fancy playing dice games on the go, you should ensure the site is fully optimized for mobile OS. Most recently launched platforms are browser-based, so you can play on your mobile browser without installing software. However, nothing bars you from downloading dedicated mobile casino apps if they offer bitcoin dice. Just confirm your smartphone and tablet are covered. You should be OK with any modern Android or iOS smartphone.

  •   Customer support

Customer services are crucial when playing real money chance games online. If anything goes wrong, you’ll rely on the support team to help you resolve them. It is advisable to choose sites with 24/7 communication channels, including live chat and email support. Phone support would be a big bonus, although not all sites offer this, and most do have limited working hours. Nevertheless, the goal is to find sites with reliable support and a friendly team.

  •   Reputation among players

The best dice sites have a growing reputation among players. Reviews offer a quick way to tell if a bitcoin casino is trustworthy or not. If players are continually complaining about unresolved issues, it is probably best to find another site. Trustpilot is one reputable review site you can visit to find honest reviews from real players. Expert review sites also offer helpful insights into the platform and its features.

What is Bitcoin Dice

Bitcoin dice refers to an online dice game you can play using bitcoin. Some are standard dice games, only the betting currency is in crypto (bitcoin) instead of FIAT or credits. Others are unique games provided by bitcoin casinos. Essentially, these are dice games that allow players to bet using BTC denominations, such as satoshi coins, rather than regular currency.

Are Bitcoin Dice Games Fair

Yes, but only if you choose a reputable platform with a valid gambling license and provably fair games, independently audited for true RNGs. Not all casinos have provably fair games, so it is always important to review each. The best certification agency is eCOGRA, but there are many labs that audit games and software. These labs test the game to ensure the RNGs are fair and the bitcoin casino doesn’t have any hidden advantage other than the indicated house edge.

How Bitcoin Dice Works

Bitcoin dice game is one of the simplest bitcoin games and anyone can play, whether you are a total newbie or seasoned online gambler. Once you find a site with dice, proceed to register an account and deposit money for your betting bankroll. Next, launch the game to start playing.

In dice, players choose a number between 1 and 100 and wager on whether the dice roll will be higher or lower than the value selected. For instance, if you pick number 75, you can then wager on the higher or lower outcome. Some outcomes are virtually similar, so betting on an outcome lower than 75 might have the same result as betting on an outcome higher than 12. The payout is also different depending on the number chose. Here’s a recap:

  •   Choose a number
  •   Predict whether the dice will roll over or under the number you chose
  •   Place your bet
  •   Roll the dice

Bitcoin Dice Tips

Bitcoin dice is a game of chance and there are no guarantees your strategies will work. However, you can apply tricks successful players have been using to beat the house edge. Here are some dice tips to help you avoid novice mistakes and take advantage of the house:

  •   Deploy a solid betting strategy, such as martingale. Remember to test the strategy on free games and get the hang of how they work before playing for real money.
  •   Try different auto bet strategies, including increasing and decreasing the betting amount during various stages of gaming.
  •   Withdraw and bank half of whatever you win to ensure profitability, even when you start losing to the house.
  •   Keep a record of your transactions to determine if dice are making you profits or losses. You can then compare it with other games you play.
  •   When on a winning streak, increase your wager steadily, but avoid any hasty decisions.
  •   Choose casinos that offer other bitcoin faucet and other bonuses players are given for playing dice and other games for a specific duration. These are free bitcoin bonuses you can wager instead of using your hard-earned money.

Strategies for Success in Bitcoin Dice

Bitcoin dice is a game of luck rather than skill, which is excellent if it is your first time exploring the title. However, this doesn’t prevent you from deploying existing betting strategies that are known to work. There are several successful strategies that bettors apply to increase their odds of winning. Here’s a quick overview of the best:


The martingale strategy can be applied to any game of luck and is very simple to use. It is basically a bankroll management strategy that allows you to break even with every win chance you get following a loss. To deploy the martingale betting strategy, all you need to do is place the first bet and roll the dice. If you lose, place another bet, doubling the stake. If you win, the advantage will cover the initial loss. If you lose, all you should do is double the stake once more. You can continue doing this until you win. The advantage of using martingale is you are sure of recovering all losses with one win. However, the strategy may not be practical if you are on a losing streak and have a light bankroll to invest in. Doubling the stake also increasingly depletes your funds.


The parole strategy works a bit differently from martingale and is very popular among dice players. In this strategy, actions are based on the results of the last dice roll. It involves increasing or decreasing the next wagered amount based on the preceding outcome. For instance, if you win the first bet, you double (raise) the next bet amount. The strategy uses a positive progression system that features a reset after the third result, regardless of the outcome. The parole system has eight possible outcomes, two of which result in wins and one break-even. The other five outcomes result in a loss. However, each one of the possible outcomes includes winning three bets with a seven-unit win.


This is another popular betting strategy you can apply to any game, including bitcoin dice. It borrows from martingale and parole, involving recovering lost wagers and reducing the stake following a win. To implement this strategy, start with a base stake and roll the dice. If you lose, place the next bet amount and increase with the exact amount you lost. If the second wager wins, you’ll recover the losses of the first bet. If you lose again, continue to increase the stake until you win. If the first bet results in a win, decrease the stake in the next to guarantee a profit. D’Alembert suffers the same drawbacks as martingale, so you should know when to stop if you are on a losing streak.

Play various bitcoin dice games

Like other games, you are bound to face some winning and losing spells playing dice. RNGs are designed to guarantee the house edge so that the casino will profit at the end of the day. There’s no reason to continue playing the same game if you are losing consistently. Instead, quit and launch another bitcoin dice game with favorable odds.

What are the Disadvantages of Bitcoin Dice

  •   Bitcoin price is volatile, so you might have less money by the time you withdraw. Bitcoin isn’t a household currency yet.
  •   There aren’t too many variants of the game.
  •   Shallow gameplay

What are the Advantages of Bitcoin Dice

  •   You can win bitcoin by playing games
  •   The value of bitcoin could easily go up by the time you withdraw.
  •   Significantly lower house edge compared to other games
  •   Have simple rules and gameplay
  •   Suits players looking to extend online anonymity

How to play Bitcoin Dice Step by Step

Playing dice should be an effortless process, even for total beginners. The key is to find a reputable online casino with legitimate games and fair results. Here’s the step-by-step process:


Sign Up

Find a trusted bitcoin dice site and register for a new player account. Proceed to log in to your account and finish any pending account information needed before you start playing.



If the site allows bitcoin deposits only, you’ll be required to acquire BTC, which involves signing up for a bitcoin wallet and using FIAT currency to purchase the crypto. Exchanges like Coinbase and CoinPayments allow users to buy bitcoin for as low as $2. Once you have some bitcoin in your wallet, go back to your casino account and navigate to the cashier section. Choose bitcoin and follow the prompts to complete the transaction. You can also deposit directly from your bitcoin wallet by transferring BTC to the casino account. Note that other platforms will allow deposits in FIAT and convert all funds to BTC. This means you can fund your account using any supported method, including credit cards, prepaid cards and bank transfers.


Launch game

Once you have funded your casino account, proceed to the game lobby and find your favorite dice. Some casinos offer a search bar you can use to find games quickly. Find your game and launch it.



Bitcoin dice have similar gameplays across online casinos, with some minor distinctions. Upon launching the game, you’ll be required to bet on the outcome and roll the dice. As a virtual game, playing is all about clicking the roll button once you have placed your wager. Each game has a unique interface, so you can review the game guide to get the hand of existing features.


Features to Look for in Crypto Dice Sites

There are many crypto dice sites, so finding one should be effortless. However, not all are worth joining. You should review each site, looking for specific features and attributes that hallmark reputable sites from others. Here’s what to look for:

Crypto support

Ensure the site supports various cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other altcoins.

FIAT support

Some crypto dice sites allow players to use FIAT and convert the funds to crypto for playing games. You can also convert winnings back to FIAT for convenient withdrawal.


Choose crypto dice sites owned and operated by a credible company with a valid gambling license from Curacao, UKGC, MGA, AGCC and other independent agencies. You should also ensure the casino has certification for proven fair games.

Player protection

Good bitcoin sites have adequate security measures for player protection. This includes advanced SSL certificates, virus scans, robust KYC, technical support, and secure server and banking methods.

Dice variety

Choose platforms with a wide variety of dice games. If you fancy playing other casino games, make sure the site has enough options, such as slots, table games, poker, jackpot and live dealer options.

Live chat support

The best crypto casinos have multiple support channels, including 24/7 live chat and email. You can also browse the FAQ section and navigate existing on-site resources.

What exactly are Bitcoin faucets and how do they work?

Bitcoin faucet is a small BTC (or satoshi) bonuses websites that offer players to spend more hours playing bitcoin games, such as dice. A faucet is free bitcoin you can spend on bitcoin games. The amount is usually small, barely noticeable, but you can accumulate more if you spend more hours playing bitcoin games. Find sites that offer a faucet, read the terms, inquire how the program works and spend more minutes playing bitcoin games. Once the faucet is awarded, you can use it to bet on dice and edge the house. Remember to read all faucet terms and conditions, including any wagering that may be tied to the bonus.

The history behind Bitcoin Dice

Bitcoin dice can be traced back to 2012 when FireDuck, a Bitcoin Talk forum user, created satoshi dice. The software was sold to another operator and, within weeks, became responsible for more bitcoin transactions than all other online uses. Since then, more developers have stepped in to provide bitcoin games and dice has remained the popular tabletop title to allow BTC bets. However, the bitcoin network was introduced in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. Its decentralized untraceable nature made it worthwhile for players looking for more privacy and anonymity. Land-based casinos also started accepting bitcoin in 2013, and players could spend them on any game, including dice.

How do Bitcoin Dice Bonuses Work?

Faucet aside, bitcoin dice bonuses aren’t any different from others you’ll encounter online. Players can still claim welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, cashback and VIP bonuses in BTC. The difference is you receive BTC bonuses instead of FIAT. Other terms remain relatively similar, so you’d still be required to fund your account to claim a BTC deposit bonus.

The Best Bitcoin Dice Sites 2023

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Conclusion – Should I play Bitcoin Dice?

If you are looking to explore bitcoin dice games today, there’s no cause for worry, provided you choose reputable casinos. Bitcoin is secure, convenient and easy to use. Its fluctuating value also means you could have more money by the time you bank your winnings. However, it is crucial to find trusted crypto casinos that can guarantee top-quality dice games and seamless crypto banking options. Confirm that the site is licensed, secure, and highly regarded by players. It should also offer fair games.