Top Litecoin Casinos in 2024: Best LTC Casinos

Gambling is a global hobby, and there are millions of players and online casinos. Over the last few years, online gambling sites have included cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum, in their cashier section alongside other FIAT currencies. Crypto offers various advantages over FIAT and we describe some of the merits of playing at LTC sites below. However, not all sites are the same. In the next sections, you’ll find comprehensive information about 2023 Litecoin casinos, including what they are, their features, games, deposit bonuses, free spins, payments and more.

Our goal is to provide useful information to help you find the top Litecoin gambling site online. If you are ready to play LTC games, you can sign up for an account on any of the sites ranked in our list below. However, we recommend reading the entire article for insights on how to pick out a trusted Litecoin casino quickly.

Best Litecoin Casinos to Gambling

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What is Litecoin?

LTC is one of the popular cryptocurrencies in the world, second only to Bitcoin, in terms of technology and market capitalization. Launched in 2011, just a couple of years after Bitcoin, LTC has grown to become the top choice for punters looking to play using cryptocurrency. The currency was developed by Charlie Lee and inspired by Bitcoin, offering secure decentralized currency players can use for peer-to-peer instant payments. Like other cryptos, LTC transactions are purely online, pseudonymous, nearly instant, and no third-party is involved, so users enjoy very low costs. You can also buy, sell and trade, just like any popular crypto.

What are Litecoin Casinos?

As the name suggests, Litecoin casinos are online gambling platforms that support cryptocurrency. Some platforms support Litecoin only while others accommodate various other digital currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Monero and altcoins. LTC sites also operate in varied ways. Some platforms accept deposits in Litecoin and convert the amount to FIAT. Others offer games featuring crypto bets. You can also find casino sites allowing players to deposit using other banking methods and withdraw to LTC wallets. Nonetheless, Litecoin casinos are platforms that support cryptocurrency, whether as a payment method or betting currency. Most sites also support e-wallets, prepaid cards, credit cards and other banking methods.

How to Choose a Litecoin Online Casino?

While finding casino sites that accept crypto is a daunting task, choosing reputable offers requires careful review. Trusted online Litecoin casinos have various hallmarking attributes that distinguish them from other offers. Most players focus on two crucial areas:

Litecoin Bonuses

Deposit bonuses, free spins and other promotions are inseparable from casino offers, whether online or offline. Casinos use welcome bonus offers to attract new players and retain them through various promotions. A deposit bonus may offer 200 free spins, betting money, or both. It is essential to join Litecoin online sites with lucrative promotions. The most common offers you can claim when looking for a casino bonus include the welcome deposit bonus, free spins, deposit bonus match, cashback and free games. Virtually all Litecoin sites have a casino bonus. However, each deposit bonus has unique terms and conditions, including wagering requirements, betting restrictions, expiry and maximum turnover. When comparing bonuses and free spins, make sure you read all terms to determine if the deal is worth claiming.

Litecoin Games

Games are the top highlights of any casino, and there are thousands of unique titles. Whether you prefer slots, roulettes or poker, games come in all classic and contemporary varieties. The most popular games include:

Litecoin Slots

The most popular games you’ll encounter on LTC gambling sites. These are merely slot games that allow players to bet using LTC. You can play games from top-rated developers, including NetEnt, Betsoft, Microgaming, Pragmatic Play, Yggdrasil, Quickspin, RTG and more.

Litecoin Table and Poker

Includes blackjack, roulette, baccarat, dice and other classic casino table games. You can also play a wide variety of card games and all major video poker titles, including Hold’em, Joker Poker, Casino Stud, Caribbean, Three-Card and more Litecoin poker games.

Live Games

Litecoin live casinos offer a myriad of live games featuring human dealers. The games are broadcasted from a live studio and players connect via webcams for an immersive experience. Common live games include live blackjack, roulette, baccarat, dice and video poker.

There are several other games, including keno, bingo, lottery, craps, Slingo, scratchcards and many more. It is also important to choose sites with a legitimate gambling license, player data protection, secure payments, reliable support and a growing reputation among players.

Litecoin: Brief History

Litecoin started in October 2011 as peer-to-peer crypto and open-source software. Its technical details were quite similar to Bitcoin, which is why the cryptocurrency has retained its reputation as a Bitcoin spinoff. Here’s a quick timeline:

October 7, 2011


Litecoin is released on GitHub via an open-source client by Charlie Lee. He was, then, a Google employee and later the Engineering Director at Coinbase.

October 7, 2011
October 13, 2011


Litecoin network goes live. It is immediately seen as a Bitcoin Core source code fork, albeit with reduced block generation duration and increased maximum coins. LTC network also features improved GUI and different hashing algorithm.

October 13, 2011
November 1, 2013


Litecoin’s aggregate value grows tremendously, featuring a 100% leap in 24 hours. After that, more people become interested in cryptocurrency.

November 1, 2013
May 1, 2017


Litecoin adopts Segregated Witness and becomes the first of the top five cryptocurrencies (by market cap) to do so. Later in the same month, 0.00000001 LTC is transferred from Zurich to San Fransisco in less than a second, completing the first Lightning Network Transaction.

May 1, 2017


Like other cryptos, Litecoin has a fluid value that can change any second. The crypto was growing steadily until the original creator Charlie Lee sold and donated his tokens. For a while, people thought the cryptocurrency would crash, but that never happened. In 2020, the crypto saw its all-time best low and best high.


Can I do Sports Betting in Litecoin?

Litecoin, popularly styled as LTC, is used by gambling platforms as a banking method. You can make casino deposits and request withdrawals in Litecoin. It is a digital currency with no tangible coins and banknotes, so everything is completed online. Casinos that accept cryptocurrencies have no game restrictions so that you can bet on sports, slots, table games, video poker, bingo and any other option provided. You can also claim LTC welcome bonus to spend on sports betting. However, some Litecoin casino bonuses feature wagering requirements with unique contributing games. Here’s a step by step guide on how to start betting on sports using Litecoin:

Find a Reputable Sportsbook

Choose any of the sites we have ranked above or any reputable Litecoin sportsbook and sign up for a gaming account.


Send money from your wallet to the casino to fund your betting bankroll. If you don’t have a Litecoin wallet, read the exchanges and wallets section below. Some sites allow players to deposit Litecoin, while others accept alternative payment methods and convert the funds to LTC.


Once you have an account and money for betting, navigate to the sportsbook section to play your favorite games. You can bet on football, basketball, volleyball, rugby, tennis, hockey, Formula 1, NASCAR, boxing and more.

LTC Exchanges & Wallets

To play games on Litecoin sites, you’ll need to acquire and store the cryptocurrency. We recommend using Litecoin exchanges, which are platforms that allow you to exchange FIAT currencies and other cryptos like Bitcoin and Altcoins to LTC. You’ll also need a Litecoin wallet to store your crypto and send funds to the casino account. There are many exchanges, such as Coinbase and CoinPayments, and wallets like Electrum. Creating an LTC wallet is free, but you’ll incur transaction fees. Wallets can be digital (online) or physical hardware and provide a secure place to keep large amounts of LTC. Make sure you choose reputable exchanges and wallets.

How to get Litecoin?

There are many ways to acquire LTC as follows:

Buy: Like other digital currencies, Litecoin has a FIAT value at any given time. You can exchange real cash for LTC. All you need is a trustworthy Litecoin exchange that allows you to buy and enjoy better exchange rates.

Trade Other Crypto: If you have Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other credible altcoins, you can exchange them for Litecoin.

Mine: This is the hardest way to get Litecoin or any other crypto. Mining involves resolving complex problems and completing specific mining blocks for a specified LTC. It also requires sophisticated computers and processors.

Litecoin Exchanges

Litecoin exchanges are basically platforms that allow users to exchange FIAT currency and other cryptocurrencies for LTC. Most support a wide range of cryptocurrencies and FIAT, including the pound, euro, dollar (US, Canada, Australia), yen and more. To exchange cryptocurrency, users need a wallet and an account with the exchange site. The next step is transferring money or other cryptos to the exchange to buy Litecoin. There are many LTC exchanges online, but not all are desirable. Make sure you find credible, secure and trusted exchanges.

Best Litecoin Wallets

Like exchanges, crypto wallets are abundant online and finding one is as effortless as searching ‘Litecoin wallets’ on your browser. LTC wallets serve the same purpose as traditional wallets, albeit online. It isn’t safe to keep large amounts of Litecoin in your casino account as platforms can go down at any time. Wallets provide a secure place to hold your Litecoin and come as digital software and hardware. The best Litecoin wallets are secure, reliable and compatible with your device (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, etc.). Some of the most trusted LTC wallets include:

  • Electrum – For Windows, Linux and OSX
  • Jaxx – For iOS
  • Coinomi – For Android
  • Ledger Nano S – Hardware

How to Deposit and Withdraw Using Litecoin

Deposits and withdrawals are other crucial aspects of reviewing when looking to join Litecoin casinos. As a banking method, LTC offers convenient deposits and near-instant withdrawals. Litecoin is decentralized, so there are no intermediary entities like banks. This means fees are kept very low. Each casino has different limits for the minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal. LTC transactions are also secure and come with the inherent advantages of cryptocurrencies. However, you should join casino sites with adequate security features, such as SSL certificates. Here’s how to complete transactions when playing on sites:

Depositing Using Litecoin Gambling Casinos

Depositing Litecoin to your casino account can be achieved in two main ways. The easiest method is through the casino’s cashier section. Simply log into your casino account, navigate to the cashier section, find deposits and select LTC as your preferred deposit method. The process will automatically generate prompts to help you complete the transaction. Alternatively, you can log into your Litecoin wallet and send LTC to the casino wallet. Either way, you need to acquire Litecoin first from a reputable exchange and store them safely in your wallet.

Withdrawing Using Litecoin Gambling Casinos

Withdrawing money from Litecoin gambling casinos is a straightforward process that doesn’t require logging into your LTC wallet. Simply open your casino account and navigate to the cashier section. You can view your balance and request a withdrawal in LTC. The money will be sent to your Litecoin wallet, usually within 24 hours, depending on the casino withdrawal policy. Most casinos also allow players to withdraw in other cryptos and FIAT, but some only work with LTC, so ensure you verify this with the customer support.

Litecoin Casino Types

There are plenty of Litecoin online casinos with no straightforward sorting. Casinos can be grouped into several categories based on the games provided, payment options, compatibility and more. Some of the popular types include:

Litecoin-Only Casinos: These are casinos that accept Litecoin only and no other crypto or FIAT currency. Other Litecoin casinos support multiple cryptos, including BTC, ETH, Bitcoin Cash, Monero and more. They may also feature FIAT, eWallets, credit cards, prepaid cards and phone bill payments.

Litecoin Mobile Casinos: As the name suggests, these casinos are optimized for mobile operating systems. You can play casino Litecoin mobile games on your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. Most Litecoin mobile gambling sites are also accessible by a PC.

Litecoin Live Casinos: These casinos feature live dealer games such as live blackjack, live roulette and live poker with bets in Litecoin. Live casinos are popular among online casinos and feature real human dealers.

Pros and Cons of using LTC Online Casinos

Like other cryptocurrencies available for casino players, Litecoin gambling sites come with both advantages and drawbacks. As you’ll notice below, the merits offset the disadvantages but it is important to know both, so you can make an informed decision.


  • Faster Payouts: Litecoin relies on a decentralized network of computers, unlike banks and other payments that require third-party entities. Because of this, Litecoin transactions take around 2.5 minutes, usually completed within 10 minutes, which is faster than Bitcoin’s 1 hour. However, casinos might impose pending periods of up to 72 hours.
  • Huge Bonuses: Most Litecoin online casinos offer a bigger welcome bonus and more free spins than FIAT platforms. The value of Litecoin may also increase tremendously by the time you withdraw.
  • Low Fees: LTC transaction fees are a fraction of what you’ll pay transacting with FIAT. Litecoin fees are also lower than most cryptos, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • Secure: Litecoin uses blockchain technology, one of the safest networks available and payments are secured using advanced algorithms. Nonetheless, you should play at trusted casinos with a valid license and secure platform.
  • Private: Litecoin transactions are anonymous and use public wallet numbers instead of personal details. No one, except incentivized authorities, can determine transaction sources.


  • Fewer Casinos: Litecoin isn’t supported by all casinos. It is harder to find LTC-only casinos and most start as Bitcoin casinos. Most also feature no LTC bets and convert Litecoin to FIAT once you deposit.
  • Licensing: Some LTC casinos aren’t properly licensed, and you risk playing in platforms with rigged software. This calls for a thorough review before signing up.
  • Value Loss: The value of Litecoin may drop by the time you withdraw and convert it to FIAT. However, it could also go up, so it is vital to review the patterns or convert your winnings to FIAT as soon as you can withdraw.

What is better to use in online casinos Bitcoin or Litecoin

Litecoin and Bitcoin are more or less the same and work in a very similar fashion. They are both cryptocurrencies based on decentralized networks and blockchain technology. You can buy and mine both, and they are acceptable in most casinos. However, LTC transactions are safer and cost much less than Bitcoin. They are also faster and up to 84 million will be in circulation, unlike Bitcoin’s 21-million maximum limit. Nonetheless, Bitcoin is the premier and leading cryptocurrency worldwide. It is also the safest and supported by virtually all cryptocurrency casinos. Whichever you use, Litecoin or Bitcoin, the experience will be exciting provided you choose reputable casinos.

Safety and Security at Litecoin Casinos

It is vital to join safe online casinos and avoid scams with rigged games. The first thing to review in a casino is its credibility. Ensure the casino has a valid gambling license from credible agencies, like the UKGC, Curacao, Malta, Alderney and so forth. All sites ranked in our list are licensed. They also have games independently audited and certified for fair results and advanced SSL certificate encryptions. Other aspects of reviewing concerning safety include verification, secure banking methods, player data protection, virus scans, and responsive support. You can also find player reviews and breach history to determine if the casino is safe.

Alternative Payment Methods

Litecoin is one of many cryptocurrencies you can use to gamble online. Other options include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Monero and more. LTC gambling sites also support many alternative payment methods, including VISA and MasterCard credit/debit cards, prepaid cards like the Paysafecard and eWallets like Neteller, Skrill and ecoPayz. Players can also make payments through phone bills. Other payment options include bank wire transfers and peer-to-peer platforms like PayPal. Simply navigate to the cashier section of the site to see supported deposit and withdrawal methods.

The Future of Litecoin

Litecoin and Bitcoin have come a long way to become the most reliable cryptocurrencies available for casino players. The crypto has also gone through various ups and downs. In 2020, LTC saw its highest and lowest values yet and continued to break records. Its volatility makes it harder to predict what will happen next. However, Litecoin has been around for close to a decade and is set to remain even as cryptocurrencies become a mainstream payment option. The crypto is currently settled as one of the top five options, second only to Bitcoin.

Provably Fair Litecoin Gambling – What is it?

Casino games use random number generators (RNGs) that feature a built-in house edge. For instance, a slot game may have a 96% return to player (RTP), which means out of 100 credits, the casino stands to profit 4 credits. Provably fair games are those that have been tested and audited to feature true RNGs with fair results. eCOGRA is one of the popular casino game auditors, but many labs test games for fair results. It is advisable to play proven fair games as the opposite is



We have come to the end of our Litecoin casinos review and hope you found helpful information. Litecoin gambling sites offer unique opportunities to win LTC playing casino games. You can enjoy games on your mobile or PC and most sites have lucrative bonuses and up to free spins or more. Overall, LTC sites are great additions with unique advantages. However, the experience will be as great as the site, so it is important to choose trusted casinos with a legitimate gambling license and certified fair games. Our experts have reviewed many Litecoin casinos and chosen the best, so you can sign up to start playing immediately. We also hope our guide will help you find other reputable offers.