Being a Gambling Whale or How to Become a High Roller

Becoming a gambling whale is something which can’t be obtained by everyone. In this post we are going to describe possible solutions to the problem of getting there. So read this article and you’ll learn how to become a high roller and what being a high roller actually means. Risk is the right keyword for […]

The List Of Roulette Cheats And Why You Shouldn’t Use It

The gambling history keeps a record of the whole number of roulette cheats and what is even more surprising is that they are not difficult to act out. In this article we will dwell on the most common ways to cheat and also will try to explain why it may be a bad thing to […]

Top 5 Incredible Casino Slot Machine Secrets

If you are reading this article it means a huge fortune is waiting for you right behind the corner. Top 5 casino slot machine secrets are going to open your eyes and clear up your gambling vision. Without further ado let’s get to that matter and improve your winning skills as fast as it’s possible. […]

10 Tips on How to be Successful in Online Gambling

If you have wondered how to make money from online gambling, here is the right article for you. In the modern world, the internet can provide you with any information and you can search there for the best online gambling sites, follow the most updated online gambling news, but this much information can easily be […]

Online gambling legalization bill drafted in Peru

Conventionally, the gambling industry can be correlated with the continents, the main difference of which is the ethnic group, legislation, and culture as a whole. As for Latin America, Peru is today the foremost jurisdiction for online gambling there. Here, online gambling is fully regulated at the federal level.  Recently Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Trade […]

Gambling advertising

The trend in the development of the gambling industry over the past few years has been the tightening of the rules for advertising products and services related to gambling. This is especially true for European markets. Attitudes towards advertising and the industry as a whole are fueled by fears of the spread of gambling problem […]

Gambling Therapy: system operation overview

Protecting users and countering a gambling problem are important aspects of the work of not only gambling regulators but also operators in regulated markets. Due to technological progress, new tools are created annually to minimize the risks associated with gambling risks. In order to negate the likelihood of addiction, it is customary to introduce comprehensive […]

Application of tax on winnings in online casino in different countries

As a rule, when it comes to taxation of the gaming industry, this refers to the obligations of operators. However, there is an exception – a tax on winnings. Everyone has probably heard about the fabulous taxes on winnings in the American lottery. A similar picture is observed with the “tribute” to the state when […]

Portuguese online gambling market records record revenue

According to the Portuguese gambling regulator, the online gambling business segment reported revenue growth for the seventh consecutive quarter. High financial results were achieved due to the growth of online casino indicators and online betting operations. In the third quarter of 2019, Portugal’s income from online gambling amounted to 54.1 million euros. This follows from […]

Gambling operators in Latvia earned 225.1 million euros for the nine months of 2019

The gambling industry of the Baltic state includes not only the availability of land-based gambling establishments but also the online segment. There are also betting and lottery business operators in the state. In total, 60 land gambling facilities are located on the territory of the country, 10 poker rooms operate there. Most of the casinos […]

France plans to change gambling tax calculation

In France, it’s planned to change the tax calculation for gambling operators. According to IGaming Business, this follows from the contents of the bill on the budget for 2020, adopted recently by the French Senate. According to the content of the document, tax calculation will be based on gross gambling revenue (GGR), and not on […]

The popularity of gambling in the Estonian market has fallen

If we compare Tallinn with other European capitals, it looks very modest – its population is only 426 thousand people. However, the city has about 40 casinos. It should be noted that in Estonia there is no clear distinction between casinos and gambling halls; therefore, any room where people can enjoy excitement is called a […]