Affilka – The Most Powerful Affiliate Marketing Solution

Affilka is an advanced high-capacity product that created a furore in the wonderful world of online gaming or, more precisely in its gambling dimension – iGaming. It bears mentioning that this young engagement that took its rise in the year 2018 has already gained a reputation of competitive and well-known bid within a short time in contradistinction from other B2B software solutions in the sphere that allows managing all the affiliate marketing needs in one place. At the first set-out of its path, the marketing software solution under the name Affilka was engaging only with a single brand. But for now, it has boosted its customer and partner footprint to more than a hundred of iGaming websites.

Affilka was created by the same squad of experienced professionals that got in on the ground floor of the casino platform building and the brand SOFTSWISS. The product became incredibly powerful from its origins. It happened due to the unexcelled technological expertise of professionals from the SOFTSWISS top-tier associates and their great background and extensive experience in the sphere of online gambling.

Also, at the very beginning of its path, powerful affiliate marketing software by SOFTSWISS had a restricted number of prospective clients and partners. The concern was that Affilka didn’t stand on its own legs yet. It was an indispensable constituent of one of the projects under the brand SOFTSWISS –  the Casino Platform. In the light of such a deep integration, the core issue became obvious. The affiliate software marketing solution named Affilka was inaccessible for all casino operators, with one exception – SOFTSWISS.

In the final analysis, it was decided to dissever two products apart and then start the development of a project and the website for it as an independent B2B software solution unparalleled anywhere in the world. At this time, Affilka is a  dynamically developing autonomous hi-tech product. Everyone can easily find it through such search requests as “Affilka betting affiliate programs,” or something like “Affilka casino affiliate,” or even “Affilka betting affiliates.” Hundreds of different iGaming operators in the entire world interested in some distinct affiliate software solutions for the promotion of their brands choose Affilka over any other market supply.

It is emphasized by the operators that cooperate with Affilka that it has such advantages as a high-calibre team of account managers, in-depth reporting, prolific and outer-directed workflow, automated payouts to affiliates via built-in payment capabilities and customizable postbacks, and a constructor of commissions beyond compare.

Affilka’s Unrivaled Options

In speaking of affiliate marketing, it can be called some kind of intercommunion of sources among process owners and affiliates. In this context, affiliates solicit new clients to the intercommunion companion. Affiliated partners are remunerated with a fee – an availment. It varies in pursuance of metrics and such variables as convertibility or redirected traffic, or sales, issued from the growth advertising campaign.

Such a type of association in the business environment is lucrative and either sought-after as well for brands such as for affiliated partners. In this cooperation scheme, businesses need to pay only for relevant traffic and some specific actions of the user. At that time, the only thing that affiliates need to do is to boost websites in their possession. Meanwhile, user retention remains the responsibility of the business.

For proper and effective processing of affiliate cooperation, every business requires durable soft. It will be able to make a profit and enjoy all the advantages of affiliate collaboration only in the presence of such software. It is kind of a complicated challenge to find out which of the market offers is the best. All the outstanding offers of business rival’s affiliate layouts should be analyzed and evaluated. That will be good assistance for businesses in specifying all the exigencies of their affiliate programs and concluding that the finest top-tier solution on the market in the whole gambling sphere is Affillka. Because it is the most lavish and flexible system full of different exciting and unique options.

Affiliate Management

Affilka offers all the required tools for the management of the business’s affiliate database. It allows viewing all the contact and general information of the affiliates in detail. Also, there is an option for the assignment of an affiliate manager to the partner. Besides that, Affilka allows to block affiliate accounts and also verify them. One more option is document approval. Also, it should be mentioned that Affilka provides such an option as tagging the affiliates with special custom labels to make navigation easier. It is essential to recall that there is also availability in Affilka to leave some remarks on affiliate accounts for the team. Affilka also allows you to manage affiliate balance, rewards and payments. Also, it allows you to assign personal bonus codes, landings, commission plans and media to your affiliates. There is also an option of affiliate statistics analysis and individual defining of report visibility settings.

Built-in Function of Payment Processing

Affilka allows financial managers of the company to get all the processes sorted in just a few clicks. It is possible due to different integrated methods of payments, including traditional Bank transfers and such secure online payment services as Ecopayz, Skrill, Cryptoprocessing and Neteller.

Comprehensive Reporting

Due to the incredibly flexible in-depth data groupings and detailed reporting filters, Affilka’s reports provide an ability to analyze and look through all the readings of all affiliate campaigns, referral links, brands and affiliates. There is also a great selection of different access levels and the possibility of extraction of the reports in any suitable format, from JSON and XML to CSV.

Management of Media

Affilka offers an option of uploading different banners in a couple of clicks as well as adding landings to the settings of the affiliate program. It is possible to assign them to some affiliates up to your discretion or make them private, or the other way around, make them available to all partners.

Affilka also provides the user flexible commission plans, multiple affiliate tiers, S2S postbacks, custom dynamic tracking parameters, interface customization, various access levels to the system, fault tolerance and high availability.


For now, Affilka is the best way to combine all the products and brands into one affiliate program. Such integration is the finest way to cut various operational expenses, increase brand strength, boost the productivity of the team and maximize revenues. With Affilka, you need only a single back-office to manage all the affiliate accounts, brands, reports, commission settings, landings and creatives. In 2021 Affilka got 100 companies as clients, and according to all tendentious of the market, 2022 will bring even more success to this platform.