Bitcoin Casino Free Spins

Get up to 100 free spins
T&Cs Apply
18+ Gamble Responsibly.

Please Read General & Bonus Terms And Conditions At Casino's Offers Page.
Registration 50 Free Spins
T&Cs Apply
18+ Gamble Responsibly.

Please Read General & Bonus Terms And Conditions At Casino's Offers Page.
T&Cs Apply
18+ Gamble Responsibly.

Please Read General & Bonus Terms And Conditions At Casino's Offers Page.
100 free spins for $€50 / 0.0019 BTC or 40 free spins for $€20 / 0.00079 BTC deposit
T&Cs Apply
18+ Gamble Responsibly.

Please Read General & Bonus Terms And Conditions At Casino's Offers Page.
25% UP TO €100 + 25 Freespins
T&Cs Apply
18+ Gamble Responsibly.

Please Read General & Bonus Terms And Conditions At Casino's Offers Page.
€400+ 150 FREESPINS
T&Cs Apply
18+ Gamble Responsibly.

Please Read General & Bonus Terms And Conditions At Casino's Offers Page.

If you enjoy online gambling, this article about Free Spins is exactly what you need. This is the ability to play a slot game round for absolutely no money. No wonder it is the most popular type of casino bonus.

If you are in doubt, take a minute and look at slots without free spins and those that provide the bonus. Which ones are more appealing?

There are several types of free spins out there, if you are new to the online slot game, fret not, you are in the right place.

This post will let you in on free spins as a topic and how you can take full advantage of it. Tag along!

How Do Free Spins Work?

Just like any other online gambling game, free spins are simply promotions or bonuses used to attract and ultimately win gamblers over. Free spins are essentially the ability to play a slot game without wagering any money or currency whatsoever.

What makes free spins very attractive to gamblers is that you can play and win money without losing your real money on the outcome. It is important to put across that the number and types of free spins you get are relative from one operator to another.

Also, the spins might be offered on certain games and not available on others. It is important to check and read the terms and conditions the free spin comes with beforehand.

While free spins may vary from one casino to another, what remains constant is the principle. Usually, the online slot machine will make it known that the next spin is free by displaying it on the counter.

Cryptocurrency and Free Spins

By now, you must have heard of the term cryptocurrency. Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Ethereum have become so common even on the gambling scene.

You will be pleasantly surprised to know that cryptocurrency has been in use in gambling since the beginning of its existence. While some sites will allow you to deposit and withdraw in cryptocurrency, others have gone a notch higher and made it possible to play using these coins as well.

Crypto casinos offer free spins and you have the chance of winning some crypto coins as well. Bitstarz is a good example of a crypto casino that allows you to claim up to 180 free spins with a deposit of 2 BTC.

How Many Free Spins Can I Get?

To begin with, there are basically two categories of free spins: those granted within the casino bonus and those provided during the game. For those given in the game, they usually come as a prize during bonus rounds. During play, you may have to land three or more scattered before triggering the bonus round free spin.

Remember, the free spins are played during the game and the number of free spins you get is often determined by the number of scatters you locate, or sometimes the number of free spins may be decided at random. The free spin offered as part of the casino bonus varies from one operator to another.

Different sites may have different methods of giving the bonus hence the disparity. This type of free spin is usually offered on specific slots where progressive jackpots are often not included.

How to Get Free Spins?

Free spins are triggered once you are able to arrange the required number of scatter symbols. Also, you can attain free spins by activating the free spin icon on the reels. Alternatively, in some cases, a free spin bonus can be triggered after a session of a mini-game as a bonus offered by the site.

This in-game bonus may also be retriggered once you achieve certain numbers or symbols as illustrated on the paytable. Moreover, you should keep in mind that the free spin feature also comes with a multiplier, once you hit a multiplier, your free spin bonus will be multiplied by the multiplier that you have unlocked.

Free spins can also come as part of the welcome bonus. As a welcome bonus, some sites might only require you to complete the initial deposit before you can access the free spin bonus.

Free Spins – No Deposit Required

This is one of the most popular bonuses among players and also across many gambling sites. This is because it is majorly used as a marketing strategy that both novice and professional gamblers often take full advantage of.

The free spins, no deposit required bonus is usually available for new players and it may or may not be subject to mandatory playthrough requirements. You just need to register at the casino website and enjoy free spins.

Some sites will require a mandatory deposit of a specific amount before cashing out while others will allow you to cash out without any regulations whatsoever. So as a player, all that you need is a means or channel to withdraw your proceeds.

Remember, the rules of these bonuses are subject to change at any given time.

Can I Claim Offers More Than Once?

Depending on the type of free spin bonus you are given, you may be able to claim it once or more than once. A good number of sites offering free spins as a part of a no deposit bonus making it exclusive for new players only.

So if this is the bonus you are given, then you can only claim it once. You should know that opening several accounts in order to get several shots is considered a breach of the terms and conditions of the site.

On the other hand, you have the option of claiming and taking full advantage of this bonus from several online casinos. It is perfectly legal. As for the other free spin bonuses that occur in-play, you could claim them as often as they appear.

If you are lucky enough to land a multiplier, this means that you can claim the bonus as many times as the number of multipliers you get.

Which Games Are Available To Play With Free Spins?

Free spin bonuses are usually given to slot games. In fact, free spins are usually limited to particular slot machines. Using the bonus on other games will not be possible.

Alternatively, what you could do is take advantage of the bonus and in the event of a win, you can use the proceeds of your wins to participate in another game of your choice. This way you will not have used your own money in playing both games.

A good example of a slot game with a free spin bonus that you can participate in is Cleopatras. As a rule of thumb, if by any chance you get a less difficult game with a free spin bonus, go for it!

Are Free Spins Limited On Time?

Yes, there are time limits placed on free spins depending on the particular type of bonus you get. Most no deposit free spins will require you to play within 24 or 48 hours of registering depending on the particular site.

On the other hand, other in-play bonuses should be claimed within 7 to 14 days before it is rendered useless. Bear that in mind, because the limits vary from one site to another.

Also, be sure to read the terms and conditions and get to know if there are any other playthrough requirements you are needed to fulfill.

Is There a Limit on How Much You Can Win from Free Spins?

Yes, there is a set limit on the maximum win. Casinos have a maximum amount of cashout that you can withdraw from free spins. They do this to protect themselves from getting burned from free bonuses.

The standard limit range is usually anything between 1mBTC  to 50000mBTC. Anything over this amount is treated as a surplus and will not be cashed out.

Other sites have a fixed deposit before the cashout requirement that you are supposed to fulfill before going ahead and cashing out your winnings.

Imposing these betting limits ensures that you don’t bet with lump sums and accumulate large payouts. Casinos want you to enjoy the game and not come in with the idea of winning free money.

Can I Use Free Spins on My Mobile?

Most modern sites come with a mobile application that will allow you to gamble on the go. If your preferred site has a mobile application, then you can easily use your free spins on your mobile phone from anywhere.

Why Do Casinos Give Free Spins?

Free spins are just like any other bonus, which are primarily meant to attract and motivate players to play. It is no secret that there is stiff competition when it comes to online gambling sites.

So in an effort of trying to outdo one another, such bonuses are given to motivate gamblers to choose a particular site. Consequently, gamblers get a chance of winning real money without wagering from their pockets.


There you have it, by now you have a much better idea of free spins and what there is in store for you. The above tips and tricks should help you navigate the world of slot gambling whether you are a beginner or a seasoned gambler.

As a reminder, be sure to check on the playthrough requirements that often come with the free spin bonuses. Take advantage of these gifts that keep on giving and make better and informed decisions moving forward. Play responsibly and watch out for those bonuses. Happy gambling!