Best Bitcoin Games 2023

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Wondering to know how to play bitcoin casinos? You are lucky to find the right place to get all the details about the casinos that offer gamblers a chance to enjoy fun games while earning extra leading cryptocurrency.

In this article, you will find out about existing games, the best casino websites, how to get bitcoin playing games, how and where to play, the best jackpots and more. You will also find information about popular cryptocurrencies and the difference between bitcoin casinos and other online gambling sites.

There are many bitcoin games and casinos, so finding one shouldn’t be a daunting task. Nonetheless, not all sites are worth joining. It is essential to review each offer and determine whether it suits your gambling style and preferences.

The priority is to join trusted casinos with legitimate games and a secure gambling platform. Valid gambling license, 24/7 support, game variety and casino bonuses are also crucial aspects of reviewing.

List of the Best Bitcoin Games to Play

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Paying casino titles with bitcoin betting lines and wagers offers an exciting experience and the stakes are relatively high. Unlike FIAT money, the value of bitcoin keeps increasing. If you are interested in trading, you can easily use the bitcoin you get from casino games. Here are five games you should consider playing:

  • Satoshi Quiz

In this game, players are engaged in responding to questions in various categories, aiming for an opportunity to earn Satoshis that you can then convert to bitcoin. To win, players need to be among the first three individuals to answer the questions correctly and each win offers 11,000 Satoshis.

  • Spark Profit

This is another game app for mobile and PC users. Spark Profit involves predicting the bitcoin market movements using a financial trading simulator with exciting gameplay and pay lines. The app offers payments every Tuesday.

  • Bitcoin Flip

Players looking to learn more about trading bitcoin can explore this simulator and earn some coins in the process. You can also play using other cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum.

  • Altcoin Fantasy

Altcoin Fantasy is a classic crypto game that brings financial trade simulation to the casino world. Players can learn how to trade in a risk-free environment while enjoying unique gaming experiences and a potential profit.

  • Bitcoin Alien Run

Players who fancy old-school super Mario style games will find Bitcoin Alien Run exciting. The game offers you to complete running missions and earn bitcoins in the process. This popular game is available on Android and iOS devices.

Are there any other popular games available in 2023 that allow you to earn real cryptocurrencies? Sure! If you need more titles, enjoy Street Magic, Battle Royal, Space War, Playboy Classic, Pink Elephants, 300 Shields, RollerCoin and Spells of Genesis. These games can be an excellent alternative to other crypto games.

Bitcoin Casino Game Sites

Gambling is popular worldwide and there are thousands of games to explore in online casinos. Bitcoin casino game sites aren’t any different from other casino websites, so you can expect standard features, jackpots and experiences. Put simply, bitcoin casino games refer to options you can play using crypto instead of popular FIAT currencies.

Some casinos accept other cryptocurrencies, like Ethereum, Dogecoin, Monero, Litecoin, etc., while others only support bitcoin. Many casinos also offer bitcoin alongside FIAT, giving you the freedom to choose a convenient banking method. Our experts have reviewed several bitcoin games casino sites and identified the following as top-rated options:

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What are Bitcoin Games?

Bitcoin games refer to casino options you can play using bitcoin. There’s no significant difference between a bitcoin game and other casino products. Traditionally, punters use FIAT currency to bet on casino titles. They involve betting using BTC. Wins and payments are also in bitcoin, but this isn’t always the case.

Some platforms allow members to deposit through bitcoin wallets and withdraw through other banking methods that process FIAT. There’s one distinction that involves bitcoin-specific options you can play to earn crypto. These games don’t accept any other currency apart from BTC and are quickly becoming popular among players because of their low house edge.

How to Earn Bitcoin Playing Casino Games

There are many ways to earn bitcoin, ranging from mining to trading and buying using FIAT. Playing casino jackpots offers another way to earn bitcoin and is a tried-and-tested method that works. Casino games are straightforward and the rules don’t change when you start playing with bitcoin. Winning bitcoin by playing involves three steps as follows:

Join a reliable casino

Your first step is to register at a trusted casino. You can refer to our table above for trusted bitcoin casinos. However, there are many other great platforms offering crypto games.

Deposit bitcoin

Once you have registered at the casino, navigate to the cashier section to deposit some bitcoin for your gaming bankroll. You can check out existing welcome bonuses and the required minimum deposit.

Pay and win

The final step is to explore the casino’s game lobby and play. If you win, you will receive bitcoins and gameplay rules remain the same.

Where Can You Play Crypto Games?

There are many gambling platforms with crypto support. Bitcoin was established back in 2008 and has grown to become the leading cryptocurrency. It is accepted in various places and used for buying products and services in online and offline stores. Crypto is also a popular casino currency and provides anonymity, convenience and safety.

However, bitcoin isn’t the only crypto. You can find casinos that support Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Monero, Bitcoin Cash, Altcoin and a dozen other cryptos. It all boils down to your preferences and each casino has a unique list of supported crypto. Here are the best places to play crypto games.

Bitcoin Casinos

BTC casinos are the ideal option when looking to explore the realm of bitcoin titles. They fall into three main categories: Bitcoin-Exclusive, Hybrid and Bitcoin-FIAT casinos. Bitcoin-Exclusive casinos are precisely what the name suggests. Players can only deposit and play using bitcoin, meaning no other currency is supported on the platform.

On the other hand, hybrid casinos allow bitcoin alongside standard FIAT currencies. These are traditional casinos that feature BTC deposits and withdrawals in addition to their list of banking methods (credit cards, eWallets prepaid cards, bank transfers, etc.). Hybrid casinos may also accept other cryptocurrencies.

Lastly, Bitcoin-FIAT casinos allow players to make deposits in bitcoin. However, all deposits are converted to FIAT or casino credits to allow convenient wagering. Players can withdraw Wins in FIAT or bitcoin, based on personal preferences.

Bitcoin casinos offer reliable experiences and are very similar to other gambling sites. You just play games using crypto as your preferred currency.

Other Crypto Casinos

Bitcoin is one of many reliable cryptos casino players can use when exploring online games. If you are new to crypto, it is probably essential to start with bitcoin casinos before using other cryptos. However, nothing should prevent you from trying Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero and other reliable cryptocurrencies supported by trusted online casinos.

Like bitcoin, you can find casinos supporting specific cryptos or games that require particular crypto. For instance, Ethereum casinos may offer games that accept ETH only. However, finding crypto-specific casinos, especially for crypto other than bitcoin, is daunting. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency, so most crypto-specific titles and sites are for BTC.

Your best choice is a casino that accepts bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, essentially, hybrid casinos. Many cryptos have been gaining mainstream appeal, so it is vital to keep tabs on new casinos with support for cryptocurrencies. Cryptos have mass appeal because the value could go up by the time you withdraw your winning.

Independent Websites

Independent sites are exactly what the name suggests. These platforms offer bitcoin games but aren’t part of BTC casinos. They are dedicated to RPG games you can play to earn bitcoin, unlike other bitcoin gambling sites that feature standard products (slots, table, jackpot, poker, scratchcards, etc.).

Many independent websites offer categories of bitcoin casino games, including fantasy and free bitcoin games. Playing is relatively novel, but players have access to many exciting titles. Check our list of top-rated casino games in the section below.

Pundits forecast that bitcoin will be the future of eGaming and more independent sites are launched each year. These sites offer an opportunity to earn bitcoin by playing casino games. Players also have the chance to win other popular cryptocurrencies. Independent crypto websites aren’t as mainstream as bitcoin casinos but are poised to become a favorite in the coming years.

How to play Bitcoin games?

Playing bitcoin casino games isn’t any different from exploring other popular casino products. As aforesaid, these are titles you can play using cryptocurrency. They retain the same features and aspects available for those playing using FIAT. For instance, if you fancy playing video slots from a specific provider, you can play using bitcoin or any currency without significant distinction. Here’s how to play bitcoin games:

  • Join a reputable casino site

We have mentioned the options available above and have a table of top casinos offering bitcoin titles. The first step for every player is to find a trusted gambling platform with safe casino products. Some of the crucial aspects to review include valid license, player data protection, bitcoin game variety, bonuses, customer support and overall reputation among players. It is vital to register with a credible casino offering legitimate options in your country.

  • Find your bitcoin game

There are several options for punters seeking bitcoin games. No single game will please everyone, so it is vital to find your favorite game. If you seek casino titles that offer bitcoin bets, you can explore slots, table, poker and other standard products for players using FIAT. Online casinos also provide bitcoin-exclusive options you can play to earn the coveted crypto. Check out our list of bitcoin game categories below for popular options.

  • Play

If you intend to earn bitcoin, you must fund your casino account bankroll and bet on real-money games. Some sites offer free bitcoin options you can explore to get the hang of playing online. Other games also include demo versions for new punters looking to try games before betting. Once you are ready, simply launch the game you have chosen, make a bet and play. The experience depends on the software and the type of games played.

Do I need to deposit Bitcoin to play games?

Bitcoin casinos operate differently, so it is vital to know the requirements of the platform you join. Essentially, these casinos allow players to deposit funds and withdraw Wins in bitcoin. Some only allow bitcoin, while others accommodate other currencies and payment methods. If you are playing in hybrid casinos with multiple banking methods, including bitcoin, you don’t have to deposit bitcoin to play.

On the other hand, if you are playing in bitcoin-exclusive casinos with support for no other currency, then you must deposit bitcoin. There are various wallets players can use to purchase bitcoin using FIAT. Some casinos also allow FIAT deposits and convert the funds to bitcoin for use in bitcoin-exclusive options. For more details, contact the support team of the platform.

Popular Categories Online Bitcoin Games

There are two primary categories of bitcoin casino games. The first group comprises options that accept bitcoin bets only. These are ideal when you want to earn some bitcoin playing exclusive titles. The second category includes popular casino products you can play with your deposit. These include:

Bitcoin Dice

Dice is a popular game with roots in classic gambling halls and casinos. It is common in Live Casino lobbies and involves betting on the outcome of a roll of dice or dices. The virtual version offers an immersive experience and the opportunity to earn bitcoin, attracting new and seasoned punters alike. Bitcoin dice simply refers to dice you can play using your bitcoin deposits. Some casinos offer live dealer sections with dice, the simplest and most popular game in crypto casinos. Bitcoin dice offers simple gameplay and low house edges of 1% or less, which implies a higher likelihood of winning. However, you need a trusted casino with provably fair games.

Bitcoin Slot

Slots make up the majority of online casino games and there are thousands of online slots available for players. It doesn’t matter what slots you choose, either classic three-reel machines or fancy modern cinematic slots with rich 3D graphics, there are several options to explore. Bitcoin slots refer to slot titles you can play using bitcoin. There’s no distinction between bitcoin slots and conventional or other contemporary slots other than the crypto component. You can find casinos that allow you to play slots with your deposit. Others offer slots with bitcoin as the betting currency. Regardless, punters will enjoy the same features and winning opportunities provided you choose a trusted platform and slots from reputable providers.

Bitcoin Blackjack

Blackjack is one more terrific casino game you will find on all gambling websites that feature a table game lobby. This card game has many variations and simple rules, ideal for new and seasoned punters. The closer you are to 21, the higher your chances of winning, and you stand to win when you are closer than the dealer. Bitcoin blackjack slots are available as table and live casino options, so you can join a blackjack room that accepts betting with BTC and other cryptocurrencies. The experience isn’t any different from playing conventional blackjack titles, other than wagers made using bitcoin instead of FIAT. Winning chances and other features are fairly similar.

Bitcoin Roulette

Roulette is synonymous with casino table games and comes in many classic and contemporary versions. You can play American and European roulettes, live roulette, speed roulette and other options. Some sites have more than a hundred independent titles online and bitcoin roulette is among the top options players explore in casinos. Roulette involves spinning a wheel and betting on various outcomes based on where the wheel will stop. The experience doesn’t change when playing bitcoin roulette. You can still bet on black/red, odd/even, and other famous pay lines available in classic roulette. However, you get to bet using BTC and other cryptos.

Bitcoin Lottery

The lottery is one of the oldest legal gambling products to be invented. Many regions have national lotteries and online casinos have also been providing all kinds of lotteries. Bitcoin lottery involves purchasing lotto tickets using BTC or with funds deposited through your wallet. Wins are also paid in bitcoin. Some lotteries allow more cryptos, while others support bitcoin bets only. The best experiences are from casinos with bitcoin prizes for their lotteries. However, you can always withdraw your FIAT winning in BTC if the casino supports crypto transactions. Bitcoin lotteries, scratchcards and bingos are rapidly gaining popularity in online casinos as more platforms integrate support for BTC.



Bitcoin’s reputation has been growing for the past decade and cryptocurrency is already part of online transaction options. Gambling is also as popular as it has ever been. These two converge to open the market for a wide variety of options. The key takeaway here is bitcoin games allow players to bet using BTC. Some platforms support other cryptos, and bitcoin deposits/withdrawals have been found commonplace in online casinos. Overall, these games offer an opportunity to win bitcoin while playing classic and new casino offers for fun.