Best Bitcoin Poker Sites in 2024

Until recently, the thought that players would one day use Bitcoin for online poker gaming appeared farfetched. It seemed impossible, and many players doubted it. Nevertheless, today the Bitcoin poker industry is a reality.

Bitcoin is appreciated by both gamers and poker room operators. A decentralized payment method is not controlled by banks or the government. Real money transactions with BTC are hassle-free, with negligible fees and complete anonymity. And the best part? It ensures quick transactions when compared to alternative payment methods. What a great way to satisfy American poker fans!

Best Bitcoin Video Poker and Table Poker

Are you interested in playing poker tournaments at the best poker rooms? Perhaps, you are a newbie, and you would like to find the best bitcoin poker rooms? You have found the right guide. There are several online poker networks that you can get access to play on. However, we are interested in saving you time, energy, and money by highlighting to you the best poker rooms.

Several parameters should be considered before choosing a poker room. These parameters will be discussed in this guide, they were instrumental in putting this list together. We’ve made a table with the best bitcoin poker rooms which provide you with an exceptional poker experience. You are likely to be excited playing here.

Enjoying poker cash games at an offshore site is entirely legal. Offshore sites are legal sites with licenses from international gaming authorities. Banks may block real money transactions to online poker sites, but this is where crypto sites come in. This guide will help you understand specific steps you need to take to enjoy access to these poker rooms.

What is Bitcoin, and How Does it Work with Poker Games?

Generally, bitcoin is referred to as the world’s largest cryptocurrency. It was first launched in 2009 and was guided by ideas laid down in a white paper by its founder(s). Satoshi Nakamoto, a pseudonym, bears a record as the founder(s) of this digital currency. Up till this moment, the identity of the bitcoin founder(s) is not yet known.

Bitcoin is not owned or tied to any government, neither is it tied to a commodity like gold. And here is the reason why Bitcoin is considered to be safe and secure, a digital currency that allows users to make real-money transactions within seconds.

This innovative payment method has already made a big impact on online poker. Until recently, online poker players have faced the challenge of deposits and withdrawals. Some players are not allowed to make deposits to poker sites by traditional payment methods. The exception is poker sites that accept bitcoin deposits.

Poker players don’t need to involve their bank. They simply purchase bitcoins and transfer them to poker sites with Bitcoin as a deposit method. A challenging aspect of this process is acquiring bitcoins (BTC). However deposits and withdrawals are relatively straightforward, we have it all figured out in this guide.

Bitcoin Poker Sites Vs. Real-Money Poker Sites

There are some similarities between bitcoin and real-money poker sites, but the differences are also noticeable. Players who intend to make use of bitcoin will first need to create a bitcoin wallet, this is similar to a PayPal wallet.

However, the differences become more glaring in how they are operated. For instance, players with a bitcoin wallet don’t need to link it to a bank account. This is beneficial because the identity of the player remains unknown. On the other hand, real money poker site payment methods like PayPal and Paysafecard are linked to your bank account, revealing your identity.

Additionally, the fee for carrying out a transaction on a bitcoin poker site is relatively low compared to that of a real money poker site. There are no middlemen in the form of banks, removing the extra cost of running a transaction.

Bitcoin transactions are considered to be lightning-fast, for both making deposits and withdrawals from poker sites. We cannot say the same for real-money poker sites whose transactions usually take several working days to get completed. Finally, bitcoin wallets are known to be safe, and there are zero stories of bitcoin wallets being hacked or stolen.

How To Use Bitcoin To Play Online Poker

Here, we will guide you on using bitcoin when you find yourself on an online poker bitcoin site. As a new user, don’t be overwhelmed by the idea of using bitcoin. These are simple, well-documented steps that will guide you on using bitcoin for your cash games.

Get Register on a crypto exchange platform

It is impossible to make use of BTC for online poker without first registering. Players who want to play poker using bitcoins have to obtain bitcoins first. And the first step is to complete the registration process on a cryptocurrency exchange.

To simplify, consider an exchange to be a bitcoin store. Within this exchange, various cryptocurrencies are stored as well as your regular currencies. It would be best to find out which exchange is legal before you make a choice, as some exchanges are illegal in some countries. You should do some research in this regard.

Coinbase and Uphold are good examples of an exchange. Once you have selected an exchange, you need to sign up. Find the sign-up button of the exchange you have chosen and begin the process. You will need to provide necessary details about yourself like email address, full name, password, country of residence, etc.

Additional information to prove your identity will also be required. ID card, passport, or driver’s license will be required before your registration is verified. Verification is fast, it usually takes just a couple of minutes.

Buy the bitcoin 

You can buy bitcoins once your account verification has been completed. A fiat currency, either USD or EUR, is ideal for purchase and is then swapped for bitcoins to play poker cash games. Here are some ways through which you can fund your account:

  1. Directly from your bank account (ACH)
  2. Through wire transfer 
  3. Credit or debit cards

The process is relatively fast, depending on the means that you choose. Credit cards are somewhat faster, but they have extra charges along with the transaction charge. Bank transfers could take more time. However, that’s how you swap your fiat currency for some bitcoins.

Put a call through to your bank if it flags up a cryptocurrency exchange. Don’t panic: you need to call to verify your transaction or preferably make use of SecureCode (Visa or MasterCard).

Set up a bitcoin wallet 

Your bitcoin wallet is vital for your transactions. It is like a bank account. To play with Bitcoin on poker websites, a bitcoin wallet is a must. You cannot deposit from your exchange account; hence, setting up a bitcoin wallet is critical. Take note that there is a minimum deposit that can be made. Bitcoin services for poker sites are numerous, with some of them incurring extra fees. Here are a range of wallets you can choose from:

  1. Online wallet 
  2. Desktop wallet 
  3. Paper wallet
  4. Hardware wallet 
  5. Mobile wallet

These wallets are fantastic but every one of them has its pros and cons. Online wallets are the most popular of the wallet types.

Move the bitcoins from the exchange to your wallet

This next step is easy. We will assume you have been following the steps and you have purchased some BTC, or perhaps, you had some bitcoins already. Finally, you can make your first deposit to play on a bitcoin poker site.

There is a feature that allows crypto transfers from your preferred exchange to your wallet. Hit the button and put in the number of bitcoins you want to be sent to your wallet. Two-factor authentication will verify your transfer. Then, put in your wallet address in the form provided. Usually, a QR code scan saves you the stress of copying and scanning your bitcoin address.

Open an account on a poker site

With your wallet credited with bitcoin, you are one step away from playing at your preferred online casino. You need to create an account on a poker site if you want to play cash games and it is essential to make sure they accept bitcoin. Visit your preferred poker site and hit the join button. Signing up on most poker sites is pretty fast. You would need to provide your name, personal address, phone number, and email.

Make Deposit To Poker Sites Using Bitcoins 

To deposit bitcoin from your wallet to a real money poker site is easy. First, ensure the website accepts bitcoin. A deposit is required to get started with your cash games. Although there could be some variations or slight changes, every bitcoin deposit follows similar steps. Here is how to make your first bitcoin deposit: 

  1. Find the deposit section (this should be located under your account tab)
  2. A list of payment methods will pop out; select BTC
  3. Put in the number of BTC you are depositing
  4. Provide your poker operator’s bitcoin address either by copying or scanning with a QR code
  5. Proceed to your bitcoin wallet
  6. Put in the amount of bitcoin you wish to transfer
  7. Click send. Your funds will be transferred immediately into your poker account.

How To Withdraw Winnings From Bitcoin Real-money Sites

Cashing out your winnings from real money online poker sites is straightforward. If you have successfully learned how to make a deposit, withdrawing is nothing to be worried about. Essentially, you will be reversing the steps used to make the deposit. Here is how to withdraw funds from real money poker websites using the bitcoin option:

  1. Log into your poker account
  2. Look for the cashier section and select withdrawal
  3. Select the amount you want to withdraw after you have selected BTC
  4. You will need to copy the operator’s address. Then proceed to your bitcoin wallet
  5. Paste the address and confirm your transaction
  6. Proceed to your exchange platform
  7. Copy your bitcoin wallet address into the exchange transfer form
  8. Then, exchange BTCs for fiat currency
  9. You can now send the funds to your bank account

Types of BTC Poker Rooms

Basically, as a bitcoin poker player, there are three site types you can access:

Bitcoin-only sites

These sites are tailored for bitcoin only players. There are no other payment methods accepted on these sites.

Bitcoin-inclusive sites

Bitcoin-inclusive sites are a hybrid version of bitcoin-only sites. They accept bitcoin players and players who intend to play with other currencies. 

The third room type doesn’t have a name. These sites accept bitcoin players who choose to only play through Neteller.

What Are the Main Benefits Of Using Bitcoin?

Here we will consider some exciting benefits of using bitcoins. Perhaps, if you have never tried it, this could be a deciding factor for you. Here are the main advantages of using bitcoins:



Poker is subject to rigorous regulations, particularly in comparison to other online cash games. Many countries have strict laws that make access to poker rooms nearly impossible. Even in cases where players manage to access these sites or register on international offshore poker platforms, they may face payment challenges.

Nonetheless, Bitcoin provides a solution by bypassing these limitations. As mentioned before, neither the government nor banks regulate bitcoin, granting players unrestricted access to poker platforms.



Bitcoin offers its users a high degree of anonymity and is ideal for poker players. Thanks to Bitcoin players can win real money at poker cash games without being monitored, as no real name or address is necessary. Today, poker sites prioritize anonymity, punters love the idea of anonymity, and hence this creates more traffic to these sites.

Also, US players can transfer their poker winnings to a bank account without having to explain where the money came from. For punters living in countries where winning is taxable, this is a considerable gain.


Negligible charges 

Relative to other traditional payment methods, bitcoin has a lower fee.

As a decentralized digital currency, its creator’s main idea was to allow users to transfer value directly without a middleman. Hence charges are either low or completely non-existent. Everyone is a winner here.

Making transfers to real poker sites may be subject to mining fees but these transaction fees are relatively low and not worth worrying about.



There is no record of stolen BTCs or hacked bitcoin wallets, it is safer than the usual traditional payment options. Bitcoin is a safe, secure, and super-fast payment method for poker games. Bitcoin transactions are encrypted. On the network, verification or checkpoints occur at several points.

Essentially, once BTC has been moved to your account on a real money poker site, it goes into cold storage. They have keys that are kept offline for any prying eyes. As mentioned earlier, theft on bitcoin poker sites is one story that has not occurred. 


Fair practices 

Bitcoin poker sites have games with provably fair odds. This is made possible by blockchain technology, the underlying technology for all cryptocurrencies, so everyone is a winner with bitcoin poker games.


Drawbacks Experienced from Using Bitcoin

There are a few drawbacks associated with using bitcoin, but the benefits greatly outweigh the drawbacks. BTC gambling is gradually gaining momentum, but it is yet to be adopted by most top poker sites. This narrows the options available to poker players.

The cryptocurrency market is very volatile — unstable and unpredictable are words that can easily describe it. Casual players may not be affected by this obstacle, but it’s a deal-breaker for high stake players.

Bitcoin is only accessed physically, basically through a device. For instance, a hard drive could get lost or corrupted, leaving a player out of pocket.

How Do We Rate The Best Crypto Poker Sites

Ideally, evaluation is based on certain features or parameters. This helps us to identify the best crypto poker sites. Here, we will show you how we carry out our evaluation and the necessary parameters that we adhere to.


Security tops our priority list. With advanced technology, poker sites can protect their players from internet theft. It is pure negligence if a poker site is not secured. It means punters can lose real money in real-time. 

Crypto poker sites can guarantee the security and safety of their players, their sites are designed to prevent fraud practices like identity theft.

Accessible to players

We select poker sites that can easily be accessed, i.e. sites that are widely accepted and also have a broad reach. Poker is flagged as illegal gambling in the US by the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006.

Essentially, cryptocurrency deposits eliminate the need to involve credit card companies or banks. So technically, players have an opportunity to withdraw or deposit on crypto poker sites. With a considerable number of poker players in the US, top Bitcoin poker sites experience a significant influx of traffic. We evaluate the top crypto poker platforms by their accessibility to players.

Welcome and recurring bonuses

Bonus availability is a significant parameter considered by poker players. Therefore, it is also reasonable that we rate the best crypto poker sites with this parameter. Here, new members receive a welcome bonus package, while regular members enjoy recurrent bonuses.

With a generous welcome bonus and recurring bonus, poker players can build their bankroll with extra money to spend. Players with frequent visits are usually awarded access to loyalty or VIP programs. They are awarded points, which are used as a yardstick to judge the type of bonus they are qualified for.

Could Bitcoin Poker Be The Future?

Bitcoin has been gaining popularity continuously over recent years and is poised to remain a prominent presence for many years. Lack of control by governments and financial institutions gives bitcoin an edge over other payment platforms available.

Bitcoin has a bright outlook in online poker rooms, although there are some factors to consider about its future. Government policies, speed and cost of transactions, and provably fair systems are fundamental aspects that will keep it running, and bitcoin poker can be considered the future of poker rooms. Gradually, more sites are beginning to go the crypto way, because they see the future and the ease with which crypto players play.

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Bitcoin Poker FAQs


Bitcoin is an innovative response to various bans witnessed in the gambling industry. It solves the issue of restrictions or prohibitions regarding online poker games. Punters can now access poker games at an online casino via bitcoin poker sites. Also, punters can get their poker winnings within minutes of initiating a transaction.

Online poker bitcoin sites have been flagged up as being unlawful or illegal in some jurisdictions. Lovers of poker games have to look for other methods of making payments to access poker cash games. Bitcoin is an attractive and reliable choice to play poker games. Also, your anonymity is guaranteed.