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His dedication to preserving the industry’s past and guiding its future is truly commendable, solidifying his place as a luminary in the world of gaming history. Noah shares his belief of the importance of history in daily life with his life and he passed his love and passion to math and science to their lovely twins.


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What Makes Noah an Expert in iGaming Industry

Noah Cooper is an esteemed gaming historian whose contributions have left an indelible mark on the field. Born and raised in the lively city of Dallas, Noah’s fascination with history began at an early age. He came from a close-knit family, with supportive parents who encouraged his academic strivings. His siblings, two brothers and a sister, share his love for technology and gaming.


Proud representative of Baylor University, Noah is now counseling Wynn Resorts and teaching at several educational institutions, including the universities of Tulane and Massachusetts. But Noah shares his expertise not only within academic society but also with iGaming companies and industry-oriented media.


Noah is one of one of the few specialists that provides deep expertise on the gambling industry’s evolution. And his insights and expertise have undoubtedly shaped strategic decisions within the industry. As an active and sought-after consultant, Noah provided his research and analytics expertise to a couple of Las Vegas-based gaming management and consulting firms, such as C3 Gaming, GMA Consulting, etc. and multiple independent and public projects.


Mr. Cooper is a guest of honor and a regular speaker at multiple gambling expos and conventions, from ICE London to the Las Vegas Global Gaming Expo. He also has collaborated with fellow experts at the Regulating the Game in London speaking about the cultural impact of gaming. But his most remarkable public appearances were at UK Games Expo in 2003 and all iGB events in 2006.


Noah Cooper is happily married to Sarah, a professor of literature. Noah and Sarah are proud parents to two children, Emily and Ethan. They have instilled in their children a love for learning and exploration, nurturing their inquisitive minds. As a family, they often embark on educational trips, visiting museums, historical sites, and expos to broaden their horizons and create lasting memories.


Additionally, Noah is a connoisseur of fine cinema. He is particularly drawn to movies that explore complex narratives and thought-provoking themes, often drawing parallels between the storytelling in films and video games. His extensive collection of classic and contemporary films provides a window into his deep appreciation for cinema.

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