Best Bitcoin Keno Online Casinos

Bitcoin Keno is simply the new trend of playing keno games at online casinos using Bitcoin as a payment means. In some instances, this definition includes the use of other cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Dogecoin.

Therefore, it’s essential to note that Bitcoin Keno isn’t exactly different from the normal keno you may have played at various casinos. The main feature of this unique approach to online gambling would be the anonymity you can now enjoy while playing these games.

Bitcoin Keno casinos don’t require providing personal information, such as your identity, home address, and related data.

How We Rate Online Keno Casinos

We consider a couple of factors while rating the best Keno sites. These considerations ensure that readers can take our recommendations in full confidence.

The factors that we consider include:

Personal Experience

The first factor our reviewers consider before reviewing is their personal experience. We don’t just form stories from the playing experience of other sites (that probably rewrote someone else’s experience too). This is why we only employ avid casino players — that’s a secret.

Before reviewing or rating a casino, we play there and use all essential features, including depositing, cashing out, and support. We also update our ratings as time goes on. We consider new tournaments, bonuses, and the VIP club (when we get there).

Players’ Reviews Across the Internet

Regardless of how long you play at a casino, the reviews of others will always matter. At least, they give a pointer to what the future most likely holds. So, while we use our personal experience for ratings, we also review players’ comments across independent review platforms.

Be sure to find the truth reading player reviews, as they state the truth and have no reason to give false opinions. However, be wary of some reviewers, for they may give wrong reviews while aggrieved.

Bonuses and Promotions

Promotions are important considerations among gamblers, so we consider them too. We assess the quality of bonuses available to players and the wagering requirements.

Also, we’re able to tell if these bonuses are assigned as the site claims from our playing experience.

Provably Fair Games and Software

The quality and quantity of games at a casino are a good indicator of its worth. Players want to have an enjoyable gameplay experience, which is only possible with the titles on offer. We pay even greater attention to the fairness of these games: are they fair to the player?

We also look at the software to know how convenient gameplay is. Can players enjoy games instantly, or do they have to download first? Are games enjoyable on mobile too?

How to Choose a Good Bitcoin Casino for Keno

There’s a recent influx in the number of online Bitcoin casinos that allow Keno games; therefore, players must be more careful when choosing the page to play keno.

The following are key considerations to make:

Site Legitimacy

The legitimacy of a casino is defined by its license. A verified Keno site would have a license that can be traced to a legal parent company and a reputable independent regulator. Keno casinos without a license are untraceable and have a higher opportunity of swindling players.

Available Keno Games

Keno gaming is fun and exciting, and you shouldn’t sacrifice that thrill for the chance to win. Good keno casinos offer many quality keno titles, ranging from the unforgettable classics to the high-class, more recent productions.

Keep an eye on available software too. Ensure high-end providers are on the scene, too, to ensure you have a hitch-free experience playing.

Fair Play

Keno games are randomly generated and thus considered 100% fair. They have to stay this way. Play games at a casino only after you’re assured of its fairness.

Since you’re playing at a Bitcoin Keno casino, ensure games are provably fair to avoid getting defrauded. However, if you’re playing at a fiat-oriented site, make sure the random number generator (RNG) is present at the casino.

Casino Bonuses and Free Spins

There are plenty of legit sites that offer fair, high-quality keno titles. Therefore, you have to consider available bonuses too. These cash returns and free spins help to keep you in the game even after losing cash.

Welcome bonuses are typically highly regarded because they offer a player the block to build upon. Nonetheless, don’t neglect the offers that may be available to you for playing keno for a long time at a casino. You may win up to 1 BTC over time due to bonuses.

Support Options

Should you be undecided on a couple of bonus offers, it’s time to look at the support options and the quality of the available means.

You can readily see the available support options on the homepage, but you can’t be sure of the quality until you use them. Alternatively, you may read reviews to find out more information.

What To Be Aware of Before Gambling With Bitcoin

Bitcoin gambling is the act of gambling with Bitcoin. Other than the means of payment, there are no differences from casinos that accept fiat currencies.

Of course, bonuses may be offered in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, but that’s just the currency. The same applies to games and everything else.

However, you should know that Bitcoin transactions are anonymous and fast — unlike bank transfers and other means of transactions.

Also, Bitcoin is a volatile currency. Its value may spike or reduce at any time.

Keno Glossary

Keno has its unique lingo, which you have to know to avoid cheating. Let’s look at the ten most essential words to know as a keno aficionado.

  1. Spots: This word is the number that you staked on or selected while playing Bitcoin Keno.
  2. Hit: You hit a number when it appears in a draw after marking it.
  3. Draw: This term refers to a round of keno where the game randomly selects 20 winning numbers.
  4. Push: You reach a push when your number of losses is equal to your wins.
  5. Multi-race Cards: These are the Keno cards that can be used in more than one draws.
  6. Quick Pick: The quick pick is the auto-select feature that automatically selects spots for you.
  7. All or Nothing: This is a ticket that occurs if all your selected spots appear in the draw.
  8. Play 1: This word is an option that allows playing your spots in only one round.
  9. Play 5: This term is an option that allows playing your spots in 5 rounds.
  10. King: Keno allows staking on 20 spots, but if you decide to wager on just one, that number is called “king.”

What is Bitcoin Keno?

Keno is a casino variation that requires you to select up to 20 numbers out of a given pool of 1-80. The table then draws the entire pool at random, and you’re paid according to how many of your spots appear.

Note that the higher the frequency of your spots, the greater your winnings. Bitcoin Keno would simply refer to staking on keno with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

How To Play Keno

There are three simple steps to playing keno. They are:

Set Wagering Terms

You have to set wagering terms before the game begins properly. This step means that you set your stake to be within the minimum and maximum limits. Remember to play according to your bankroll.

Select Your Spots

After staking, it’s time to mark your spots. Usually, you have the chance to select between 15 to 20 spots from 80 numbers. Whether to mark all the spots available to you or not is your call.

Play and Wait for Results

If you’re satisfied with the spots you’ve picked, click play and wait for results. Typically, the software coughs up more than the number of spots you’re allowed to pick to increase your chance of winning.

Keno Game Rules

Keno is a fairly straightforward game, and we expect that you have an idea of the rules. The whole game is played according to strict procedures, after all.

Generally, the rule would be not to connive with anyone to cheat the house, but we don’t see how that’s possible. In a way, you may say that keno is a game that has no rules because it regulates all processes itself.

Keno Strategies

First off, keno is an entirely random game, so it’s quite difficult to develop a strategy. Think about it: you’re selecting numbers, the software is rolling them all, and you just wait for results. Hard to see where to strategize here.

However, the only strategy you may develop would be for selecting spots.

When selecting spots, the more you pick, the greater your potential to win. For example, if you select just one spot and hit with a $1 stake, you have the chance to win $3. On the other hand, if you select seven spots and hit all 7 with the same amount, your potential winning grows to $100.

However, the catch here is that the more your spots, the lower the odds. Remember that higher odds mean greater winnings and vice versa.

Bitcoin Keno Tips

The Bitcoin Keno game, as we’ve repeatedly emphasized, is a game of luck. It’s impossible to control what comes up in a draw. However, you can maximize your fun with these simple tips:

Select Spots Spontaneously

The truth is, the draw is always random; thus, you mustn’t stress unnecessarily over what to pick. What this tip means is that you don’t need to analyze patterns as there aren’t any. Also, haphazard spot selections won’t influence the results at all.

With this being the case, you may just select spots impulsively and relax. You may make it more fun by betting on your birthday, your lucky numbers, your best friend’s birthday, or the date you met the one who got away.

Select the Multi-race Cards or the Quick Pick

If you’re fed up with selecting spots continuously, you may use multi-race cards which use the same set of spots in numerous rounds. The software will always reshuffle the pool, so there’s always an equal chance of winning.

Alternatively, you may use the quick pick to have the software select spots for you randomly. These two specs save your time and help optimize fun.

Keep the Yin and Yang Balanced

Keno started in China, and some players consequently adopt the principles of Chinese philosophy while playing Yin and Yang particularly. In Keno games, these are the upper and lower sections, respectively. You may spice things up by choosing equal spots from both categories.

Play Bitcoin Keno at Casinos with Lucrative Bonuses

Keno is random, so the best you’d do is select a casino that offers noteworthy promotions for the risk you’re taking. Always keep this tip in mind.

Choose the Bitcoin Keno casinos offering competitive payout rates, house edge, and stellar bonuses. Check for bonus terms when doing research too.

Advantages of Bitcoin Keno

Faster and Relatively Cheaper Transactions

Bitcoin transactions don’t take days to reflect like bank and credit card payouts. They also cost cheaper compared to other means of payment in online casinos.

Privacy is Assured

Casinos accepting cryptocurrencies don’t require you to provide your personal information before depositing or cashing out as fiat-oriented casinos do.

Permissionless Payments

Bitcoin Keno allows players to play from all corners of the world without any currency restriction. You don’t need to convert currencies before playing on Bitcoin Keno sites.

Provably Fair Games

Bitcoin keno casinos are often provably fair, meaning that their games are always fair. You don’t have to worry about getting cheated upon.

Easy to Play

Bitcoin Keno requires no strategy, so players find it easy to enjoy the games. Just choose at random and go.

Drawbacks of Bitcoin Keno

  1. Criminality: Some players may use Bitcoin Keno casinos to siphon funds since they are untraceable.
  2. Entirely by Chance: The outcome of Bitcoin Keno is out of your hands. Players feel less involved.

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Bitcoin Keno Casinos have gained prominence among gamblers due to the ease of both the game and the means of payment.

Keno is easy to enjoy. Just free your mind and enjoy yourself.

Bitcoin is a fast and cheap means of payout. Your deposit and cash out winnings as quickly as you can. It has high liquidity and can be readily exchanged when cashed out.

It’s up to you to ensure you play at the appropriate Bitcoin Keno casino. Pay strict attention to the factors we highlighted above to make a smart decision with your money. Sign up at any site that meets your considerations and start playing.