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We are constantly available and you may contact us any time you want. You’ve got many options. For example you may submit a casino for a review or you may even submit a negative review. Of course, there are many more cases when you can get in touch with us and we will be really pleased to help you out.

We are constantly looking for solid feedback. We want you to remember that your gambling experience is valuable and very useful. Our professional and reliable team is there for you 24/7.

Submit a Casino for Review

If you own or manage an online casino and want it to be checked and reviewed never hesitate to submit it for a review. The whole procedure is quite simple. Email us at Bitcoin Buster. You should include the casino’s name. Please, do it in the subject field. In addition, you should clarify your current position or role. We need to know whether you are an owner, a user or a manager. 

Submit a Negative Review

Sometimes we all experience something bad. So, if you’ve got some negative experience with some casino, you definitely should submit a negative review. Our platform provides users with this opportunity. To do so you need to send us an email at Don’t forget to fill out a subject field with the name of the casino. Try to explain all the faced problems in details. Don’t forget to mention the time when these problems occurred. In addition, you can send us some screenshots proving your point.