Best Bitcoin Slots

Currently, bitcoin has successfully found its way into the space of online casinos. Bitcoin has always been associated with other secular activities like paying for your luxury car, software and web services, real estate, etcetera. Today, we could recognize more than a million bitcoin slots littered around the globe. Fortunately, a good number of them are present online.

Casinos with bitcoin slots have an excellent record that shows how effective and efficient this switch has helped the casino business. And guess what? The popularity keeps gaining momentum. Gambling online slots using bitcoin is easy, safe, and straightforward. Here we would be giving you a rundown of how it works.

Best Bitcoin Slot Machines

Here are sites that might interest you for punters who love the anonymity offered by bitcoin and players who want to enjoy a huge selection of bitcoin slot games. These are the best bitcoin slots machines that we are proud to recommend to both newbies and regular casino players.

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Get 6 BTC + 300 FREE SPINS

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Please Read General & Bonus Terms And Conditions At Casino's Offers Page.
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on OneTouch Live Dealer games
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Please Read General & Bonus Terms And Conditions At Casino's Offers Page.
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Welcome Package:
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18+ Gamble Responsibly.

Please Read General & Bonus Terms And Conditions At Casino's Offers Page.
4.5 rating
Welcome bonus:
€/$ 200 / 1 BTC + 200 Free Spins
T&Cs Apply
18+ Gamble Responsibly.

Please Read General & Bonus Terms And Conditions At Casino's Offers Page.

What are Bitcoin Slots?

Bitcoin slots are like your regular slot games. What differs is the payment option and a few features. The idea behind them is very simple to comprehend; spin the wheel, relax and watch how the combination comes on the screen. Betting more lines would increase your chances of winning.

Bitcoin casinos offer punters the opportunity to play various slot games while payments are made through bitcoin. Numerous bitcoin slots are available for punters to play online. Jackpot bitcoin slots, free bitcoin slot games, cartoon or movie-themed bitcoin slots, etcetera are quality examples of bitcoin slots.

There are thousands of players who play bitcoin slots across the globe. This is due to the large acceptance this digital currency has received. Another obvious reason is the many advantages that this digital currency has over other fiat currencies. This guide aims to provide more information about bitcoin slots if you are a newbie or a regular casino player yet to play with bitcoin.

Positives of Playing Bitcoin Slots

The benefits of playing bitcoin slots are never-ending. Essentially, slot players are never out of slot games, which is an interesting advantage. Online casinos make their programs available for players without any worry of the usual physical machine. Here are some more positives of spinning the reels:

  • Anonymity

Being anonymous is why most punters opt for bitcoin slots. Bitcoin doesn’t reveal the identity of players who carry out an online transaction. Punters can easily play games, win and move their funds easily.

  • Bitcoin is decentralized 

Bitcoin is a digital currency that isn’t tied to any government body or bank institution. These institutions cannot seize, block, or control your winnings, and access to your funds is not limited. You’d always have access to your bitcoin. This is ideal for a gambler who wager games at jurisdictions that have gambling as an unregulated activity.

  • The easy method of transaction 

Playing Bitcoin slots is extremely easy and straightforward. The player is not requested for any personal information by his favorite casino when making deposits or withdrawals. These processes are carried out without any hurdle, so he can start playing.

  • Safe and secured

Playing Bitcoin slots is safe and secured. There is no record of hacked bitcoin as seen with the traditional payment options.

Negatives of Playing Bitcoin Slots

There are several drawbacks associated with playing bitcoin slots. However, these drawbacks are recognized, but there are not reasons to stay off the reels. Here are some drawbacks we noticed:

  • Instability

This is one obvious reason why many individuals are against gambling bitcoin slots. Because a central authority does not regulate bitcoin, there is no guarantee about its valuation. Often, prices could decrease if a group of merchants leaves the system. This would result in a decrease in its valuation.

  • Losing wallets

A virus could attack your wallet’s file, or you could easily lose it. Although your bitcoins would not be lost or stolen, you would be unable to access your wallets to make any transaction.

  • Acceptance

Generally, bitcoin is yet to be accepted by every platform. It would be best if you researched about the online casino where you are interested in playing. Ensure that they accept bitcoin before you sign up.

Playing Slots with Cryptocurrency

Gambling with cryptocurrency is not rocket science. Essentially, players would have to create a crypto wallet before they can carry out transactions. The crypto wallet is like your regular bank account that holds your fiat currencies, and here bitcoins are stored. Withdrawals and deposits are carried out via the crypto wallet.

Also, as a newbie without any crypto, purchasing a digital currency is a necessary step needed. You would need to exchange some fiat currency for some crypto. This digital currency would now be transferred into your crypto wallet.

For instance, if you are interested in playing with bitcoins, you would swap your EUR/USD with bitcoin, which would now be moved to your bitcoin wallet. These transactions are carried out on an Exchange platform. Yes, you do need to sign up on an exchange platform.

Funding your online casino wallet via your wallet is safe, secured, and super-fast. Playing real money games with bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other crypto coins is possible. Bitcoin transactions are known to be faster and with negligible extra charges. Players can be confident that their identity won’t be jeopardized.

What Type of Crypto Slots are There?

If you want your cryptocurrency to work outside the crypto exchange platform, there are many new ways to make that happen. One of the ways is to play crypto slots. Crypto slots like bitcoin slot machines are a perfect example of what we are suggesting here. Here, you would find out the various types of popular crypto slots that are available to you:

Crypto slot machines Theme RTP (%)
Satoshi’s Secret Crypto 96
Casanova Romance 96
West town Wild West 96.95
Slotomon Go Pokemon 97.13
Vampires Monsters 96
Grand Tiger Oriental 96
Lucky Little Devil Cartoon 96

How to Find the Best Bitcoin Slots?

First, you have the opportunity to earn big gambling bitcoin slots. But you have to pay close attention while choosing an online casino. Finding the best bitcoin slots always have a connection to the online casino that is selected. Top-class online casinos always have a wide collection of the best slots.

A checklist to keep you on course is listed here:

  1. License
  2. Reviews
  3. Bonuses
  4. Customer service and support
  5. Reputation

Ideally, searching for a top-class online casino to bet is vital. However, when you get an online casino, do not be rush the sign-up process. Yes, you could be excited about the casino or preferably slot game, but take out time for some research. First, before signing up, play a demo version of the slot games.

Demo games are free, and you would not be scared about losing real money. Playing the demo version of a particular game gives you incredible insight into the game and the preferred online casino. All that is needed is for you to choose wisely. Bonuses are incentives that you should also find out about. Many top casinos are good at offering fantastic bonuses.

What are the Advantages of Online Slots?

Slots games are a huge source of fun and entertainment for gamblers; before now, slots games were played at land-based casinos. Here, the machine at the casinos had a lever that was used to turn the reel. However, there are changes to how slots games are played today. Essentially, slots games are played online and now have several advantages:

  • Array of games

You can never get tired of online slots. The number of games available at a single casino could get you super excited. A player can’t finish playing all bitcoin slots games. Also, players are offered the opportunity to choose between various pay-lines, themes, and reels.

  • Convenience

Online slots are easier to play compared to playing slots at land-based casinos. Punters can play games at their convenience. Also, players are allowed to make use of online payment options to fund their accounts. This is a huge reason to get on board with online slots.

  • Higher Payouts 

One other advantage of the online slots is the payout. Online slots offer a return to players that are very high. Usually, the RTP gets as high as 98%. Winning games at your favorite casino with these high RTP is definite.

  • Accessibility

Online slots are easily accessible, unlike land-based slots, where most times a punter would be waiting for the next punter to be done becomes boring. Here, at your timing, you could begin your game.

  • Rewards

Online slots offer more value for their rewards. These casinos are interested in keeping their customers, so they use rewards and bonuses as incentives to keep and attract players. Players also want to earn more, so they give in to these rewards.

How to Earn Bitcoins by Playing Slots

Earning bitcoin by playing slot games is an ideal way of staying in the game. Playing free bitcoin slots allows punters to win bitcoin. There are no risks involved. Although, there are just a few casinos that have this option.

Bitcoins can also be earned when you make a deposit. Most casinos have it as a welcome offer for new players. Although, they would have to fund their account and make a wager to earn these free bitcoins.

How to Play Bitcoin Slots?

There is no trick to playing bitcoin slots. The only obvious difference between playing bitcoin slots and other fiat currency slots is the payment options. For starters, playing slots with BTC is how you play BTC slots. The payment option here is the digital currency, which is bitcoin.

An integral aspect of playing bitcoin slots is knowing how to get bitcoins. To play, ensure you have already purchased or had bitcoins in your BTC wallet. If no, then you need a bitcoin exchanger to purchase some bitcoins. Funding your casino account is done via your bitcoin wallet. Here, the payment transaction is super-fast. Here are other steps to follow:

  • Search for a reputable online bitcoin casino
  • Create an account on the website
  • Fund your online casino account to place wagers
  • Select the bitcoin slot game you are interested in playing
  • Get relaxed and enjoy your preferred slot game

Types of Slots Machine Games

For your gaming pleasure, there are two types of slot machines you can get online. Progressive jackpots and non-progressive jackpot. These two slot machines allow punters to make massive wins, and they are also available to play in bitcoin.

Non-progressive jackpots are not hard to find. There are just a few casinos that do not have non-progressive jackpot games. These slot machines apply “cherries,” “big 7,” and “bars,” which are traditional slot symbols. They have a fixed payout pattern and are more of a traditional design in reality. Every jackpot on this slot machine is the same.

The progressive jackpot, on the other hand, is different. The jackpot is not fixed at a particular amount or perhaps some credits. However, depending on how the casino does its configuration, the jackpot increases. Once a punter makes a jackpot, the machine is programmed to reset. This ensures that the next jackpot isn’t the same as the previous one.

Ideally, it is best to play slot machine games that you enjoy best. Progressive jackpot or non-progressive jackpot, you can play both using bitcoin, which is a challenge already solved.


Conclusively, bitcoin slots are easy and straightforward. Today, they have become so popular and have caught the attention of most gamblers. However, it is best to find out how this digital currency works and how best you can optimize it online. For players who play bitcoin slot games, there are many benefits that they experience. Super-fast transactions, anonymity, safety, etcetera are obvious reasons why players opt for bitcoin slots.

There are certain drawbacks or negative features of bitcoin slots. These drawbacks are avoidable and are not worthy of pulling you out from playing bitcoin slots. Mentioning them here is to help you avoid them by every possible means.

This guide is an excellent read for both newbies and regular bitcoin slot players. Winning bitcoin slots is not rocket science, with simple strategies you get the best spin. Read and use this guide religiously to get the best out of gambling online bitcoin slots. Now, you understand bitcoin slots, how to earn bitcoins easily, and how to find the best BTC slots available to you.