Best Bitcoin Craps Casinos

Casinos provide a delightful variety of games, each with its own unique history, set of rules, and chances of winning, making them an appealing destination for gaming enthusiasts. Enter modern online gaming, and players are more spoilt for choice than ever before. They can not only choose the general type of game they prefer but also the particular variant and theme that suits their play style. Better still, with online Bitcoin Casinos, players get great security and freedom to wager broad ranges of bets from the safety of their own homes.

Here we’ll be discovering one of the mainstay games of both online Bitcoin Casinos and land-based casinos too; Craps. We’ll discover some of the best Bitcoin Craps Casinos, as well as how to play Bitcoin Craps, as well as some of the best wagers to help increase your odds of winning big at the table.

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How We Grade Top Casinos for Online Craps?

When recommending a Bitcoin Craps Casino, we always make sure to consider some vital criteria to make sure every site we recommend is a great choice. Here’s how we rate every Bitcoin Casino we suggest:

  1. Customer Satisfaction: Firstly, and most importantly we see what players say about this or that site. Often when you’re trying to find the right Bitcoin Casino for you, looking at reviews is the best place to start. Also best of all, casino review websites often feature a percentage or star rating for each site mentioned.
  2. Fair Gambling/Security: Good casinos have to have the correct licensing, regulation and standards testing in place to ensure the games they offer have fair odds. Alongside this, Casinos should also prioritize security and protect their user’s data with SSL encryption and advanced firewalls.
  3. User Experience: Of course, having positive factors on the above points doesn’t always make a great casino site. Therefore, we test casinos directly to ensure that the user experience is high. In this case, we would make sure to play Bitcoin Craps on the site we review multiple times.
  4. Game Availability: Top Casinos will offer a broad range of games including slots, live dealer, table games, and so on. Even in the case of specialist casinos like Bitcoin Craps casinos, sites should still offer a range of Craps variants to provide their players with value for money.
  5. Customer Service: No one wants to spend their hard-earned cash on a site that doesn’t care about its users. Because of this, you’ll never find a site we recommend that doesn’t have great customer services such as 24/7 customer support, phone support, and a fully fleshed-out FAQ section.
  6. Deposit Bonuses: When you deposit your Bitcoin in an online casino you deserve to be spoiled, whether you’re a new or returning player. Therefore we always look at the bonuses offered by casinos both for new players and returning players.

What is Bitcoin Craps?

Craps is a popular casino dice game where the outcome is decided by dice. Craps are played on a table with various spaces and have a variety of different strategies and wagers that can be made which we will talk about later in this article.

As you may have guessed, Bitcoin Craps is Craps games that are played using the Crypto-currency Bitcoin (BTC) for wagers and winnings, and of course, a Bitcoin Craps Casino is where players can play!

The Appeal of Craps

There are a lot of reasons why casino players love to play Craps. Firstly, it’s a highly volatile casino game. This can be seen as both a positive and a negative, as higher volatility tends to mean greater risk, but also greater rewards. This often makes games jaw-droppingly intense and exciting, which appeals to many high rollers. Craps is also a fast-paced game, which is great for those who like dynamic gaming experience. Many Craps players will run multiple bets congruently on a game.

How to Play Online Craps Games?

As mentioned, the game of Craps follows a similar play style to roulette. Players need to predict the outcome of a dice roll. Unlike roulette, however, Craps is a game that is purely based on chance.

The game is played on a Craps table and is played in two parts, firstly the Come Out Roll, and secondly The Point. The Come Out roll is the first time a new ‘shooter’ (player) rolls the dice. The betting rules for this stage of the game allow two types of bets, Pass Line, and Don’t Pass. Now, let’s examine these terms in detail.

Pass Line

The Pass Line is the most common form of bet which means placing a bet on the pass line area in front of the player. Once all the wagers have been made the shooter will roll the dice and the following outcomes will dictate the result of the bet:

  • Rolling 7 or 11 – Players who’ve made a pass line bet will automatically win and the game will end. The next round will start with a new shooter.
  • Rolling 2, 3, or 12 – All players who’ve made a pass line bet will automatically lose and the game will end. The next round will start with a new shooter.
  • Rolling 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 – Will establish a point that gets marked with an ‘on’ button on the table. No player loses or wins their wager and instead the game moves on to the point phase.

Don’t Pass Bet

This is considered as betting against the shooter. If you play Bitcoin craps and choose to make this bet you’ll be classed as a ‘wrong bettor’ (but don’t worry this isn’t a negative thing!) When the roll is made the following outcomes can occur:

  • Total roll of 2 or 3: You’ll automatically win and the game will end.
  • Total Roll of 7 or 11: You’ll automatically lose and the game will end.
  • Total of 12: This is called a ‘push’; you’ll receive your initial wager back.
  • Total of 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10: Will establish a point where no one wins or loses and instead the game will move to the point phase.

Playing the Point

When a point is established, the stickman (a member of an online casino staff), will flip the button from the ‘off’ or ‘on’ position on the number that was rolled to trigger the point. Playing the point is a straightforward process and works on the following principle:

  • The bet you made remains
  • The aim of the game is to roll the point number before a 7 is rolled. If this happens then all pass-line bets are paid. If not, then all pass-line bets lose.
  • If a number other than 7 or the point is rolled, then rolling will continue.

Getting Started with Bitcoin Craps

Now you know how to play, it’s time to learn how to play a Bitcoin Craps game. To start this process you’ll need to acquire some Bitcoin to wager with. This is done through a site known as an exchange.

As Bitcoin has grown in popularity, more and more Bitcoin exchanges have been created, so you have quite the choice when it comes to picking the exchange that’s right for you. Popular choices include Coinbase, Gemini, and KuCoin. When you visit the exchange you’ll first need to sign up on the site and add your banking details. Next, you can purchase Bitcoin by entering how much you’d like to buy. When the transaction has been confirmed you’ll receive your coins.

Bitcoin Wallets

You may also want to open a Bitcoin wallet. This is completely optional, and many players choose to keep their Bitcoin with the exchange they purchased from. A Bitcoin wallet can give you extra control and security around your Bitcoin, so may be wise if you purchase large amounts of BTC regularly. For a more casual Bitcoin Craps player sticking with the exchange is usually a-ok.

Getting a Wallet Address

Next, you’ll need to head on over to your chosen online Bitcoin Casino. Visit the banking section and find the option for Bitcoin or ‘BTC’. Once you’ve selected ‘Bitcoin’ a wallet address will be created, this is what serves as the recipient for your transactions.

Making a Deposit

Finally, make your deposit, which is done by using your wallet address.

Best Bitcoin Craps Bets For Low-Risk Bettors

One of the best wagers for new and low-risk bettors is the pass line bet which we talked about in the how to play section of this article.

Don’t Come Bet

The other form of bet which is popular with low-risk bettors is called a ‘Don’t Come Bet’. This is the second ‘Don’t’ bet available on the Craps table. This is similar to the ‘Don’t Pass’ bet, but it cannot be wagered until the point has been established. Here are the potential outcomes for a Don’t Come Bet:

  • Total roll of 7 or 11: is an immediate loss
  • Total roll of 2 or 3: is a win
  • Total roll of 12: is a ‘push’, which is a tie, with the bets being returned to the player
  • Any other outcome: becomes a point. The ‘Don’t Come’ bet will then pay if a 7 is rolled before the point number.

Sucker Bitcoin Craps Bets You Must Avoid

While the game is largely down to chance, there are still some wagers that are best avoided if you’d like to keep your Bitcoin in your wallet. Here are some of the top Bitcoin Craps Bets to avoid:

Any Seven Bets

An ‘Any Seven’ bet is a wager on the shooter rolling a 7. It’s not uncommon to hear long-time Players call this the worst bet possible. This is because statistically a wager of this type gives the house a whopping edge of 16.67% with the house only paying 4:1 on a winning 7 bet.

Snake Eyes Bets

A ‘Snake Eyes’ bet is a bet on a dice roll that is a 2 (because the 1’s on the dice look like eyes!). This wager can also be called two craps or aces. This type of wager is one of the highest as it is awarded a payout of 30:1, but is also one of the most uncommon results to appear on a roll, and has the odds of 35:1, plus a house edge of 13.89%.

Any Craps Bets

Also known as a ‘three-way’ bet, this type of wager pays out when a 2, 3, or 12 is rolled. There’s a high payout of 7:1 on the cards here, but this bet entails some of the hardest to roll numbers. There’s also a house edge on this type of wager of 11.11%.

How Bitcoin Craps Differs From Regular Online Craps

There isn’t any difference between a Bitcoin Craps game and a regular online game, as the only change is the method of deposit and payouts. However, of course, playing with a cryptocurrency does give your transactions an extra degree of anonymity, and due to the rapid rise in the value of Bitcoin, depending on how much you’re wager, you may experience more high-stakes games when playing in this way.

Commonly Used Slangs in Bitcoin Craps

Of course, popular casino games like Craps have a long history, and just like other games or sports, has its terminology. This slang can be a little confusing for new players, so here’s a rundown of the most popular slang terms used in Bitcoin casino Craps.

  • Shooter: This is the player who rolls the dice.
  • Come-out Roller: This is the first dice roll of the game.
  • Natural: This is the numbers 7 and 11 when rolled in the come-out roll.
  • Point Numbers: This is numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, when rolled in come-out roll.
  • Pass Line Bet: This is a bet for numbers 7 or 11.
  • Don’t Pass Bet: This is a bet of 2 or 3 and is betting against the shooter.
  • Come Bet: This is the bet placed after the come-out roll.
  • Proposition Bet: This is a type of side bet where players wager on the occurrence/non-occurrence of a specific situation during the game.
  • Craps Numbers: This is numbers 2, 3, and 12.

Advantages of BTC Craps

There are lots of advantage to both Craps and using the cryptocurrency Bitcoin to play Craps, here are just a few:

  • Higher volatility means greater risk and greater reward which can lead to more dynamic gameplay.
  • Rounds are typically fast-paced which is great if you like a quick flutter on the go.
  • Players can run multiple bets at once which can increase the likelihood of a win.
  • Bitcoin Casinos tend to have no fees for withdrawing or depositing funds, making it a cheaper option for online gaming.
  • Bitcoin Casinos give players a greater level of privacy when purchasing, depositing, and wagering their Bitcoin thanks to the anonymity of the currency and its decentralized system.
  • Deposits made in Bitcoin tend to be instantaneous as opposed to other methods which can take several hours to process. This means topping up your Bitcoin balance is a quick process.

Drawbacks of BTC Craps

Of course, nothing is without its drawbacks and there are a few drawbacks of Bitcoin Craps and online Bitcoin Craps casinos:

  • Higher volatility means that this is a greater-risk online casino game.
  • Quick rounds may not be ideal if you prefer to play relaxing casino games.
  • Playing with Bitcoin requires additional setup steps such as using an exchange and/or creating a wallet.
  • Bitcoin Casinos tend to lack the quality of regulation that traditional online casinos have due to the minimal time that Bitcoin has been around as a viable casino currency. This is rapidly changing, however, due to the increased demand for cryptocurrency gambling.

4 Steps to Win at Online Craps

  • Know how to play!: Without studying the rules beforehand you’re going to end up learning the hard way; by wasting your hard-earned cash.
  • Know the odds: Craps has different odds for different numbers, here’s a list of the available numbers and their attached odds that you should know before approaching the Craps table:
235 to 1
317 to 1
411 to 1
58 to 1
66.2 to 1
75 to 1
86.2 to 1
98 to 1
1011 to 1
1117 to 1
1235 to 1
  • Don’t place sucker bets!: Remember the bets you want to avoid, especially as a new player, are the ‘any seven’, ‘snake eyes’, and ‘any craps’ wagers.
  • Always Gamble Responsibly: Set yourself a win and loss limit. You should also make note of how long you want to play for. Be strict with these limits, and you’ll never end up spending more than you intend to or be drawn into more games than you wanted to play. Also, remember; when the fun stops, stop. If you find yourself getting frustrated or angry when playing Bitcoin Craps, step away.



Bitcoin Craps is a dynamic game that is great for players who enjoy high volatility and active gameplay. Playing with Bitcoin gives players greater security and greater control over their money, and can be used for both high stakes and low stakes gameplay. While Craps may be a high volatility game, its simple two-step process makes it a fun game for new and casual players to enjoy too!