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Having always been interested in casino gambling and cryptocurrencies, Mark knew the next step in his journey was guiding others on the same path that has brought him so far.


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What Makes Robert a Professional Writer in iGaming Industry

Mark Robinson is a 39-year-old casino lover from Stamford Hill, inner London. He grew up supporting Chelsea Football Club, the dominant club in his neighborhood. He studied at the prestigious University of Kent and graduated with honors from the Department of Criminal Law. However, he always felt he could be somewhere else, in another field, in a world where Alice could go to Wonderland, and the Americans could play Roulette.


Thankfully, this was about the time virtual sites started getting noticed, so it was only a matter of time before a 25-year-old Mark would find himself playing away at nearly every online casino he found himself at. He claims his first gambling experience was a moment he could never forget.


Soon after, he quit his job and decided to put all of himself into casino gambling, although he didn’t know how to make a career out of it at the time. According to him, “quitting my job to become a keen casino player was one of the easiest decisions I’ve ever made, and definitely among the smartest too!”


With all the time in the world on his hands now, Mark soon found himself a scam victim on some sites. This was when he realized what he needed to do: prevent others from falling into the same traps. The best way to do this was to write unbiased reviews on review sites across the internet. He says he feels immeasurable joy whenever a player writes him an appreciation email for helping him stay off a site that’s crashed. A lot of these casinos were not legit in the 2000s-2010s.


Along the line, Mark developed an interest in crypto, investing about $30 000 in Bitcoin and Litecoin as far back as 2016. “I wasn’t satisfied with the fact that the Government could easily keep track of my transactions. I knew something had to be done.” He now manages a portfolio worth up to £10 million.


Recently, some new casino sites are starting to accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. That’s a dream come true for Mark. And you guess correctly if you say he has played on over 100 sites already. And he has reviews for each too! He is, without a doubt, the perfect reviewer for our bitcoin casino site BitcoinBuster! Follow him to get up-to-date reviews of every casino out there. He gives expert crypto recommendations too.

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