Cryptocurrency Market Trends in 2023

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For now, there are more than eighteen thousand different cryptocurrencies in the world. It goes without saying that the larger half of them don’t gain any profit and will be unavailing over a number of years. No one will be surprised if they would never show themselves in any way. Of a wide range of cryptocurrencies, only a pocket of them is worthy of being familiar to the general public at large. Nevertheless, we all know that it is good to diversify any investment portfolio and keep a couple of underdogs among stable and reliable currencies. Less known entities can provide profit in the long run due to their potential of growth, while reputable cryptos provide investors with stability. That’s why people interested in the growth of their assets always stay for the hybrid strategy of crypto investment. So, let’s find out the best for investing in the crypto market in 2023.


Let’s start with Bitcoin Buster’s all-time favourite. Bitcoin is still at the top of the crypto market, and its position seems to be unchangeable. It is a must-have currency for every professional investor. Bitcoin is good for reserves as the most wide-known and worthful crypto. It is also the most sensitive barometer for checking the situation on the market. Bitcoin can be a great store of wealth, and it also doesn’t overreact to global geopolitical events. Therefore, Bitcoin is the finest option for those who are in search of the counterpart version of gold in the world of cryptocurrencies.


Ether occupies pride of the second place in the portfolio of every capable crypto investor. It is very different from Bitcoin. The major goal of Ether is to power apps on the Ethereum blockchain. All the above mentioned implies that Ether has intrinsic merit, and it will exist and reckon at least as long as demand for Ethereum’s blockchain. That’s why it is a must-have title in the professional investor’s list of values in 2023.


XRP is a white crow on the list. It stands for the opposite values that the crypto community sticks to since at birth of the blockchain idea. XRP is a centralized coin. It was invented to assist legacy systems, not run counter to them. Of course, it has its own benefits and implications. Nonetheless for those who are not ideologically motivated investors XRP is a good one to add to the portfolio because it has the biggest financial institutions in the world on its back.

Other Altcoins

Investing at least in a couple altcoins is a wise move just in case of breaking one of them and diversification of the portfolio. It is better to invest in a few of stablecoins to boost the malleability of crypto assets. Also it is worth it to place attention on new promising projects. Such altcoins as Golem, Polkadot and Dash are very promising. For now, that’s all about 2023 outlooks. Follow our News blog for the industry’s hottest news, and remember to verify the information before any financial investments.