VIP Bonuses

up to 100% bonus twice
T&Cs Apply
18+ Gamble Responsibly.

Please Read General & Bonus Terms And Conditions At Casino's Offers Page.
UP TO 350 EUR +700 Freespins
T&Cs Apply
18+ Gamble Responsibly.

Please Read General & Bonus Terms And Conditions At Casino's Offers Page.

While at its heart an exciting and oftentimes lucrative hobby, online casinos are no doubt an investment in your time and money. With so many different casino services out there, each casino wants to make sure its most loyal customers remain loyal; and this is where a casino VIP bonus or two comes in. Within this article, we shall delve deeper into what comprises casino VIP bonuses, what makes them a desired bonus, and of course, most importantly, how you can claim one.

What is a VIP Casino Bonus?

All casinos offer a Bonus or two to their patrons, but VIP casino bonuses are designed to spoil the long-term and high-rolling players. These are players who spend significant amounts playing at the casino and/or have been a supporter of the casino for a considerable time.

Many online casinos have tiers for their VIP’s with titles such as ‘bronze’, ‘silver’, ‘gold’, ‘platinum’, and ‘Diamond’, with certain criteria needed to be met to be a VIP of each level and different perks offered at each tier. Perks can include a personal account manager, VIP trips, and exclusive casino bonuses that the majority of other players will not have access to.

How to Claim a VIP Bonus?

To claim a VIP bonus you of course need to be eligible and meet the criteria required for VIP status. This commonly requires you to make large deposits which the management team of the casino in question will pick up on. This is the fast-track route to VIP membership and of course not achievable by everyone, which is why many casinos offer VIP status to long-term loyal members who consistently deposit and play at their casino.

Many casinos use a ladder system for their VIP programs. Most long-term but low spenders will gain entry at the lower rungs, while high-rollers will tend to start towards the middle or top of the ladder. The highest levels of VIP status often known as ‘platinum’ or ‘diamond’ are usually reserved for invite-only, so you’ll only be claiming the bonuses on offer here if you’re noticed by casino management.

Types of Casino Bonus for VIP’s

There is, of course, no set formula for the types of VIP bonuses on offer from online casinos which is why a casino should be selected at the player’s discretion. In general, however, one or all of the following features will be on offer to players at various stages of the VIP status ladder;

  • Exclusive, sometimes individualized, promotions and/or perks
  • Accruing loyalty points at an accelerated rate
  • Extended limits of withdrawal and deposit amounts
  • Faster withdrawals and deposits
  • An opportunity to connect with a VIP account manager or assistant
  • Access to exclusive online, and sometimes in-person events and/or promotions
  • Advanced access to game features or releases
  • High-value reload Bonuses
  • Access to an online community/VIP lounge

As you can see a variety of different bonus types are on offer to VIP’s and different casinos are likely to offer a different combination of incentives, so it’s always worth doing some research before investing big money. In general, the casino bonuses offered to VIP players are designed to make wagering with the respective casino easier, more fun, more lucrative, and of course, exclusive.

For players on the lower rungs of the VIP ladder, the majority of bonuses on offer will be the ‘hands-free’ offerings, (otherwise known as the offerings that do not require man-power to provide) such as game-specific promotions, reload bonuses, increased withdrawal/deposit ranges, and faster withdrawals/deposits. For those higher, up the ladder, the VIP bonuses will likely include the aforementioned offerings, but will also focus on the personal touch such as the appointment of an account manager/assistant, personalized promotions, and events.



To conclude, there is no specific formula for a ‘winner’ VIP bonus, and the incentives on offer will vary from casino to casino as well as the requirements needed to be met to be granted VIP status. More mass-market casinos are likely to offer a VIP system based on long-term loyalty and accrued reward points, while more exclusive high-end casinos require consistent high-value deposits and are often invite-only.

Either way, if you’re exploring the idea of becoming a casino VIP it’s well worth doing your research and thinking about what you value most in regards to customer experience before making your first hefty deposit.