Most Popular Cryptocurrencies in 2023 That are Worth Investing

So, you got interested in all these cryptocurrencies stuff people talk about for years. Or maybe you’ve already invested in some, but you have no idea what is the next step? There are no easy tips or clear answers to your questions. The Crypto industry is constantly changing – it reacts to the global market situation, changes in investors’ interests and a quantity of other different factors. So, let’s gain a deeper understanding of crypto investing and coming trends in 2023. 

What is Crypto Investment?

For greater clarity of processes and terms related to cryptocurrency investing, let’s define what cryptocurrency is. In brief, cryptocurrency is a name for digital money. It uses a technology named blockchain, which is widely thought to be very secure.

As far as is known, investment is the dedication of assets aimed to increase their value over some time. There are several different options to choose from for capital investment in the remit of cryptocurrencies.

The first one is direct buying of cryptocurrency. It is the most simple way of two steps – direct purchase and then storing till the moment when it will be beneficial.

The second type of crypto-investing is investing in cryptocurrency companies. It implies investing in enterprises totally or partially focused on cryptocurrency. One of the most obvious variants are fabricators of hardware for cryptocurrency mining and, consequently, companies specializing in mining. Less clear possibilities for investment are companies that hold an ample quantity of cryptocurrency on their balance.

The other widely known option is investing in funds focused on cryptocurrencies. There is a wide variety of exchange-traded funds to choose from, such as index funds and futures funds, in counterpart to a quantity of cryptocurrency investment trusts. These funds differ in the matter of investment – some of them invest in a direct way, right in cryptocurrencies, while others are focused on crypto-oriented enterprises or futures contracts and other derivative securities.

A subsequent alternative for investors is to pour cash into a cryptocurrency individual retirement account (IRA). The benefit of this case is that it allows not just to invest in cryptocurrency but also to receive tax odds granted by the IRA.

The last item on the list is to master the profession of a crypto miner or validator. Definitely, mining is the most simple straightway to the crypto investment business. And becoming a validator in a crypto network is the very same thing.

How Crypto Investment Works?

For those who are seeking direct cryptocurrency investment and want to take initial steps – cryptocurrency exchange is the simplest variant and most useful instrument for such a purpose.

First things first, a cryptocurrency exchange should be chosen. It stands to reason that the best choice will be a safe and reputable, widely known one with a  broad selection of different currencies. Creating a user account at least at one of the crypto exchanges is the subsequent step. The process of registration will require verification of identity and furnishing of personally identifiable information. The subsequent step is funding an account at a cryptocurrency exchange with fiat currency like US or Canadian Dollar or Euro.

Beyond that point, cryptocurrency for purchasing should be chosen. Then a buy order for chosen crypto should be placed, and according to the next stages required by the exchange, the buy order should be submitted and completed. After the completion of the purchase, the information required to access just bought crypto is going to be held in a digital wallet. That’s it – cryptocurrency can be held in any e-wallet. It can be an e-wallet hosted by the crypto exchange or any independent provider of e-wallets.

The best tip for crypto investors is to remember about diversification of the investment portfolio, in the simplest terms, to purchase not one but a bunch of different digital assets. It is also important to make periodical reviews of the portfolio to rebalance it.

Is Crypto Coin a Worthwhile Investment?

Investing in cryptocurrency is a very complicated process, definitely not for all. Cryptocurrency prices can be highly volatile, which wouldn’t be appropriate for defensive investors. But for those who are okay with high risks investing in crypto can become a real catch.

Anyway, crypto investing should be based on reliable facts, not the rumours – and there is always a lot of hype around each crypto, starting with Elon Musk’s tweet and ending with multiple bogus stories on Reddit. 

Certainly, the major risks of investing in crypto coins are related to the extreme volatility of cryptocurrencies, but there is also the risk of facing scams. The scale of digital fraud covers millions and billions of dollars, so there is a real danger of losing funds.

The lack of compensation mechanisms is another problem in the crypto investment industry. Assets on deposits in usual banks and trusts are nearly always protected with financial reserves or compensation schemes. Cryptocurrency investments don’t offer such guarantees to the investment community.

Cryptos That Met Expectations of Piling Into Them in 2021

Talking about the best performing cryptos in 2021, we should remember that it was a unique year depressed by the COVID-19 pandemic and its extensive impact on the whole planet and the entire humanity.

Nevertheless, the cryptocurrency industry got a great boost over 2021. At a certain point in time, Bitcoin’s rate increased more than four hundred percent and peaked at forty-one thousand dollars. Ethereum, in its turn, peaked at one thousand two hundred fifty bucks due to the eight hundred percent rise. A noteworthy detail is that most of the top coins showed similar dynamics.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) was one of the greatest performers in 2021. It showed unbelievable gains in 2021 when, throughout the year, it boosted by forty-three million percent. Terra (LUNA) impressed the industry, reaping the benefit of 13,790 percent over the course of the last year. One more lucky coin of 2021 was Axie Infinity (AXS) which gained 12,022 percent in value throughout 2021. Solana (SOL) was also in line to become a successful investment in 2021, considering its growth of more than ten thousand percent.

The Best Capital Investment Cryptos in 2023

The industry of cryptocurrencies is constantly changing. Therethrough it impacts the interests of investors and causes infrastructure changes. That’s why all assumptions are quite frequently based on the coin’s reputation and media background.

Cutting to the chase, the most trustful and emerging cryptocurrencies of the current year are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, SafeMoon, Binance Coin and Chainlink.

Bitcoin is on the top of the list as an unchallenged king of all cryptocurrencies. The other mentioned items are very promising, but each of them should be analyzed on an individual basis.

Is Bitcoin a Good Currency for Investment?

Bitcoin’s market cap is around $600 billion. It was the first widespread adopted crypto, and after ten years, it is still one of the top market items. Also, it should be mentioned that Bitcoin accounts for more than a third of the total cryptocurrency market value.

It merits mentioning that Bitcoin is becoming a legal means of exchange in some parts of the world. El Salvador has already granted Bitcoin a status of means of payment, and Paraguay and others are eyeing opportunities to do the same.

Traditional investors may regard Bitcoin as an investment of capital to avoid shocks in a fiat-based economy. But its high volatility is still a reason for concern, regardless of the fact that cutting down on volatility is expected as far as more countries and traditional institutions will officially join the crypto market over the long haul.

Is Ethereum a Good Choice for Investing?

Ethereum’s market cap is around $200 billion. In spite of the fact that Ethereum is taking Bitcoin’s dust, it definitely gains the lead alongside other titles on the market. Even though Ethereum wasn’t one of the industry pioneers, it succeeded due to its unique technology. In 2023 it is the most popular blockchain and ranks second in the industry. It is a safe bet that in August, after the rolling-out of the brand fresh upgrade called “The Merge,” Ethereum will gain an increasingly strong foothold.

Is Dogecoin a Safe Coin for Investment?

Dogecoin’s market cap is around $10 billion. It is worth noting that in 2021 over the period of the short squeeze of GameStop, Robinhood investors, under the influence of different social media, took down Melvin Capital. That was a historical moment when the power and boundless opportunities of decentralized cryptocurrencies threw a scare into many governments around the world. Any piling into Dogecoin is still not about gaining profit – it is about being integral in a united community, somewhat ideological but not financially oriented.

Is Shiba Inu an Investing Material?

Shiba Inu’s market cap is around $5 billion. If you are not a high-skilled crypto investor and you don’t understand how Shiba Inu works, it’s better not to pile into it.

Understanding this crypto demands investors to know the reason for its creation, sensing the technology behind Shiba Inu, visibility of its true value and practical implementation, and that’s all in addition to the ability to count all risks and rewards, max supply and circulating supply. Shiba Inu is a rather risky coin to pile into it. Theoretically, it can earn a great profit for the owner, but it is not a safe coin for investment under any circumstances.

Is SafeMoon a Good Pick for Investment?

SafeMoon’s market cap is around half of a billion dollars. SafeMoon was a newbie to the crypto industry market in the last year. It represents an approach to decentralized financial systems driven by the community. SafeMoon was invented to withstand volatility through recompensing investors just for the fact of keeping the project’s coins. It is based on such simple functions as Reflection, LP Acquisition and Burn. To make a long story short – SafeMoon is founded on the expectation of lavish profits, which is possible only in cases when a lot of individuals will buy it increasingly. Taking into consideration, it seems that SafeMoon is not so safe for investment. Also, in distinction from other cryptos, SafeMoon doesn’t do anything. According to all the above-mentioned – this crypto is a doubtful investment.

Is Binance Coin Worth Investing?

Binance Coin’s market cap is around $50 billion. Without a doubt, Binance Coin got its popularity due to the Binance platform. In fact, the Binance exchange and Binance smart chain are the main reason for this coin’s success. They are the major reason for Binance Coin becoming a widely utilized crypto asset. This cryptocurrency has an impressive propensity for growth in the nearest future, and it is definitely worth piling into it. Without a doubt, Binance Coin is one of the most attractive cryptocurrencies in 2023.

Is Chainlink Suitable for Investment?

Chainlink’s market cap is growing towards $5 billion, but now, it is up to $3 billion. The main point of Chainlink is solving the problem of shifting any real-world data onto a blockchain of any type without compromising the blockchain’s decentralized nature. It should be mentioned that there is a limited quantity of Chainlink tokens – one billion. Put it shortly, Chainlink is the most popular oracle network in the blockchain industry, which keeps ahead of the other cryptos of that type.

How To Spot the Next Big Crypto?

The cryptomarket is anecdotally unpredictable. So, there is no strict rule or method you can use to spot the next starry cryptocurrency. Nonetheless, there are five steps to observe to pick the upcoming suggestive crypto.

The first one is checking price data. The information about huge one-hour/day/week movements can help to predict future price rallies. Combining this data with other tech indicators will be even more effective.

The second is pretty obvious. Before investing, the coin must be researched into its general properties and specifications to find out if the currency has some potential to extend far into the future. 

The other steps are laughably obvious. Perusing whitepapers is the same important as checking the industry’s hottest news and reading professional market analysis. If you stick to these things regularly, you will surely recognize a new rising star in the industry.