Becoming a gambling whale is something which can’t be obtained by everyone. In this post we are going to describe possible solutions to the problem of getting there. So read this article and you’ll learn how to become a high roller and what being a high roller actually means.

Risk is the right keyword for a topic we are going to discuss. Being a high roller doesn’t mean having tons of money. It means being ready to roll and roll really high. High roller is a real true gambler in every possible sense of this word. To cut a long story short, the first important thing to do in order to be called a high roller is to bet really a lot.

So as you may have already understood, high roller is not about being super rich. In reality it’s very similar to a style or a way of life. It’s an attitude towards things and a concept which lets a person use it to overcome obstacles and take risks.

Recklessness is a crucial point when it comes to a high roller. One thing to do is to play by betting huge sums of cash. The more money you are ready to spend in bitcoin casinos, the more famous you are going to get in the gambling sphere. And it is related only to betting. No one cares about the stability of your bank account or what kind of brand you are wearing.

Next thing to consider is, of course, tipping. Remember, no tipping means no service. That’s why tipping is very so when you want to become a high roller. Your gambling session must be a celebration for waiters in any casino. If you take a look at it from a different angle, the problem will disappear itself. Everyone seeks attention. When you tip a lot, it turns the life of simple staff into an interesting adventure, and believe us, they are going to pay you back.

Another interesting fact about the life of a real high roller is that they get really sweet comps. When you are a high roller, casinos want your dedication, that’s why they show their dedication to the highest extent. Once you are a high roller you may be expecting every imaginable luxurious thing. Starting from presidential lux in a hotel and ending with a free high class car. What you must understand is that any casino really wants you to stick to their place if they consider you as a high roller. They are going to provide you with everything you need and won’t let you change your usual place of gambling.

One more thing to know is that you have to take a close look at your mind and the way you think. Remember that being a high roller is very similar to playing a role. There aren’t so many real high rollers. Most of them fake it. You can do it too. Be ready to spend some money, but it will definitely bring you a lot of satisfaction and joy. In case of being a high roller it’s important to invest in casinos. Once you get noticed your gambling experience will only be getting better with each bet.

As there is no accurate and certain definition of a gambling whale, being a high roller is surrounded by many rumors and myths. Let’s relieve this type of gamblers from all the nonsense people make up about them. As we’ve noticed above the main thing about high rollers is betting. Casinos usually consider a person to be a high roller when his or her typical bet is around a hundred bucks. The logic is pretty obvious. Of course, you will be treated better if your typical bet rises up to be $1000. Despite the popular myth that gambling whales really influence casino’s profit we must admit that it’s actually not like this. But we also must admit that gambling whales sometimes save an unprofitable month. Casinos really respect high rollers and want them to play in their casinos because they create a mood and a special atmosphere. Common gamblers see them play and try to repeat their success which is profitable like hell.

We have already dwelled on comps that a high roller may get. But we haven’t observed a couple which is different from mentioned ones in the sense that they help you strategically. As a complimentary upgrade you may ask for the best rules for the table games. We mean the rules which will suit you and your gambling attitude. Sometimes it’s possible to get a cash card which allows high rollers to go shopping for everything to a certain point, of course. It is an especially good option when your beautiful girlfriend is there with you. One more great perk is getting a loss rebate. If you are a really important high roller the percentage of a cashback is going to be simply fabulous.


Becoming a high roller is no easy task. It’s not cheap and it presupposes clear thinking and a new attitude towards life in general. Once you are a high roller you will feel what it’s like to be respected and loved. The status of a gambling whale is something which is going to be suitable especially for those who love being pampered. But apart from being treated like a king, being a high roller lets you choose a lot of gambling options and rules. It may change your gambling experience and turn it into a more interesting and profitable game. One more tip for a player who wants to become a high roller is to choose a small casino at the start. Doing so will help you to get noticed at a smaller cost. The owners of small casinos will have more reasons for keeping you in, so you may get some smooth and nice benefits much earlier. This tip is also useful when your bankroll is not tremendously huge or reliable.