Player Cashes out $160K from The Dog House Megaways slot at

The global crypto markets have been experiencing a rally ever since bitcoin recorded a new all-time-high, disagreeing with naysayers and critics. Cryptocurrency trading and mining activities are on full-throttle since the beginning of this year. People have turned their gaze to explore new and profitable activities based on the innovative technology called “blockchain”, the backbone crypto. Among such activities, crypto gaming, online crypto casinos, are the ones as they attract millions of crypto enthusiasts who are hoping to make a fortune in a fraction of time. There hundreds of legitimate outlets that run online crypto casino-like games, offering a chance to win hundreds of thousands of dollars every day.

Recently, an extremely lucky player won the largest-ever prize money through a game by playing two consecutive winning rounds on “The Dog House Megaways,” a slot game meant for online casino game lovers.

An anonymous person just raked in an excess of $180,000 in bitcoin when he hit the jackpot twice on’s casino game on March 2, 2021. All he had to do was play the game called “The Dog House Megaways” with a bet worth a mere $22. The amount he won is just north of 13,870x of what that particularly fortunate player expected to win that day. Thanks to the online bitcoin casino’s instant cash-out feature, the distinguished player did not have to wait for long to receive his prize money.

Reasons Why Online Crypto Gambling Game Are So Popular

Privacy Protection of Players

As a crypto enthusiast, you must value anonymity and the permission-less design which decentralization provides individually to all. Similarly, the crypto-version of casinos and games protects a player’s identity on the web. People are not required to go through a sign-up step or even a KYC to opt for such games. Perhaps a major reason why the online community tends to prefer online crypto casino games is the fact that it values their privacy and allows them to have a fair chance at winning.

Instant and reliable withdrawals

The worst kind of a scam is the one where you proceed to win a considerable amount of money but the cash out is not possible. But with so many genuine online crypto casinos out there, a player is sure to win something worthwhile if lady luck is on their side. For example, is an age-old enterprise backed by Roger Ver, one of the most renowned and earliest bitcoiners. So,’s secure casino offers players instant cash out.

Extraordinary prizes in bitcoin

Official bitcoin casinos are famous because they promise big rewards for active players. The jackpot could be worth millions of dollars in bitcoin on different crypto casinos. Players are often asked to play with a certain amount and stand a chance to win hundredfold through games like crypto poker, blackjack, roulette, slots, etc.

Lately, the crypto casino craze has spread like wildfire causing many who yearn to win big to try out various websites in search of luck.