The gambling history keeps a record of the whole number of roulette cheats and what is even more surprising is that they are not difficult to act out. In this article we will dwell on the most common ways to cheat and also will try to explain why it may be a bad thing to do it.

First and foremost, we must warn you that using presented techniques is completely illegal. This post is more informative than anything else. We are just telling you what can be used but definitely don’t advise you to do it.

Past Posting

Past posting is the first most popular way of cheating at the roulette. It has existed for ages and due to its simplicity is widely spread among cheaters. Past posting is basically connected with the fastness of your hands. The main trick of past posting is that you post your chips exactly after the session has been played. Frankly speaking, this roulette cheat is very easy to understand in the sense of its concept, but at the same time is very difficult to do since it presupposes a very specific skill. If you can’t do it fast and smoothly, you will be caught in a sec.


Next cheat is also connected with having a special skill and its main concept alike past posting is connected with the manipulation with the chips. The main difference is hidden in the process. Past posting cheat is based on putting chips at the end of the session when pinching is fully based on removing chips at the moment when the session finishes. Basically speaking, pinching is the opposite trick of past posting. Many cheaters used this trick, but nowadays casinos are fully aware of it, and it’s almost impossible to implement it in your gambling experience without being caught.

Colluding With The Dealer

One more popular way of cheating is a cahoot with a dealer. When a player and a dealer work together there are much more chances that they will be able to take the house in. Basically, what they do is that they use previously discussed techniques to a greater extent. Once the dealer is in the same team as the player they can do past posting and pinching with more success. But they still may face some problems which in this case are coming from other players. Some of them may be professional players and may easily see through cheaters’ wicked plan.

Using Magnetic Balls

Using magnetic balls is one more type of roulette cheats. It sounds easy but in reality it is a quite complicated process to handle. This cheat presupposes some certain preparation because apart from the magnetic ball itself you must have a special electronic device. Such a device creates a field usually considered as electromagnetic and it lets cheaters manage the ball’s movement. Cheaters are not able to win every spin using this technique, but nevertheless they win more than they lose.

Сamera And Oscilloscope

Scientists created even more complicated devices in order to cheat at the roulette. This following cheat probably won’t be used by any of the readers and not because of their ethic views but mostly because of a lack of knowledge. In the 1980s a small team of scientists created a device which let them make 55% on every dollar. Using a camera and oscilloscope to record roulette’s movement they worked out a formula which let them predict the end of every session. After that they added a tiny computer which worked as a receiver and helped them to manage coming information. Nowadays casinos are very careful about all sorts of devices and analyze players’ behavior very thoroughly so it’s very probable that such cheating wouldn’t be performed with any luck.

Why Cheating At Roulette Is a Bad Idea

So, why shouldn’t we use these cheats? Simply because it’s illegal and getting with it is almost impossible. The whole thing with roulette cheats looks very profitable, but in reality requires a lot of experience and smart preparation. Things, which cheaters usually don’t have due to different reasons. The most common thing for people who have been caught cheating is getting to a black list. The worst option is, of course, getting to jail. Both variants are not very pleasant and may simply destroy your gambling experience for the whole life.

All the cheats presented above are illegal and may lead to a bad end. Everything but computerized devices. It happens because not all of them may be included in gambling jurisdiction, If your device doesn’t interfere with the casino’s equipment it’s very difficult to prove that you have done something illegal. Especially, if your device is a cutting edge of modern science.

There is one more thing which must be considered before you decide to become a cheater. Once you are kicked out of a casino you will experience a real psychological shock and a very strong feeling of embarrassment. Even if you use a super cool electric device and it’s impossible to prove that you’re doing anything wrong, casino supervisors may still throw you out and ban you for the whole life. It is so because casinos are private. A lot of people can’t cope well under such pressure and their life starts to bring more disappointment than joy and satisfaction.

Another frustrating factor is casino’s security. You mustn’t forget that casino owners make huge money. It isn’t gainful for them to have a bunch of cheaters in every corner. So they spend tons of money on security and their equipment. Roulettes are being constantly inspected. Security and casino’s employees are armed with all sorts of special equipment and always ready for an action.


We sincerely hope that we could convince you that roulette cheating is just not worth it. You may earn some money but at what cost? Gambling is always about having fun. Cheating can’t be fun because when you cheat you are nervous and stressed. There is very little possibility that you will be able to trick everyone. And it’s much more probable that you will end up in jail or in a blacklist. Gambling fairly will bring real joy and satisfaction, don’t forget that.