Crypto-gambling has been steadily on the rise since 2019, with the year recording over 7.5 billion USD worth of transactions in crypto-gambling alone. One of the tokens which have been readily accepted by a large part of crypto-gambling websites is the Binance Coin(BNB).  There have been a string of cryptocurrency-based casinos giving BNB holders a chance to bet and play freely using their tokens. Spartan Casino is one of the latest additions to this list.

About Spartan Casino

Spartan Casino is a crypto-currency gambling project that employs a robust protocol for decentralized, trustless casino gaming combined with a live dealer module. The team behind Spartan Casino describes it as the future of Ethereum-based gambling DApps. The platform’s browser-based interface does not require any downloading and can be accessed from all devices (PC, Notebook, Tablet, Windows Phone, Android). Game Developers will find the protocol very useful to host DApps on the Spartan Casino networks. Perhaps the most unique feature of Spartan Protocol is its live dealer feature which creates a new standard for online gaming platforms as a whole.  This includes the use of a live operational model with streaming cameras which will provide a whole new level of interaction with the dealers.

The Problems which Spartan Casino solves

The online gambling industry, in general, continues to experience some lingering problems, resulting in many nation’s reluctance to legalize gambling. Issues related to trust, reliability and security deter many users from entering the casino market in the first place. Some of the plaguing problems include withheld bonuses, account restrictions, hidden fees, risk of fraud, slow processing speed and withdrawal restrictions. There are certain problems for service providers in this market as well, such as the high costs of running an online casino, high entry fees for developers, and frequent downtimes.

Spartan Casino aims to solve all of these problems by following a new improved casino model running on a blockchain-based ecosystem. It implements its own set of smart contracts and custom live dealer games enabling near-instant payments and a consistent cash flow. By making the current system decentralized, transparent and trustless, Spartan Casino will remove the above-mentioned obstacles. The fact that it accepts BNB tokens and lets BNB token holders play on their platform using the tokens will further help to expand their user-base amongst the wider crypto community, given Binance’s popularity in the market.

About Binance Coin (BNB)

Launched via an initial coin offering in 2017, the Binance coin is the native platform token of the Binance exchange. Although it was originally issued as an ERC-20 token, it was later swapped on a 1:1 ratio in April 2019 with BEP2 BNB tokens. Apart from being used as a payment method, a utility token and for participation in Binance launchpad token sales, it has also been accepted in several online cryptocurrency casinos in recent years including Spartan Casino. Currently, the BNB token is valued at $305.94 as of 01/04/2021 according to coinmarketcap data.