Sony Plans to Accept Patent that Would Allow Live eSports Betting In-Game

This week a single piece of news has kept the internet buzzing which came from Sony Interactive Entertainment about filing for a patent with PatentScope, a database owned by World Intellectual Property Organisation. While nothing is alarming about a gaming and technology giant like Sony applying for a patent. But what that patent could bring to the table is far more interesting, especially for bitcoiners.

Few details about the New Sony Patent

According to the details that are coming out from PatentScope, the patent which Sony is interested in could allow it to introduce a platform for users. The new platform would enable betting on eSports using physical currency, bitcoin, and even some in-game items. This could be a huge project in eSports betting technology where an industry leader like Sony would be seen encouraging users to place bets while playing a round of Call of Duty with their friends on their PlayStation. The proposed interface would allow players who Livestream their real-time fighting tournaments to accept bets for the outcome of the round. Wagers are supposed to be in the form of money or bitcoin or even in-game assets and currencies. According to the details of the patent application, odds of wagers would be chosen through a complex and precise machine learning program.

The news has broken out in the gaming sector due to the addition and mention of cryptocurrency support for betting in-game items. This could be one of the most exciting developments undertaken by Sony. Provisions like these are rarely heard of these days as the crypto market is trying to shake the effects of bearish sentiments.

It is worth noting that though Sony’s patent is yet to be approved, it could bring a positive turn of events for eSports betting opportunities. If the patent application gets accepted, eSports betting could be jolted as a mainstream activity. After some digging, people have found that the patent application was submitted back in 2019. But it resurfaced recently because all information regarding patents remains private until it is approved by those in charge or having been submitted for more than 18 months.

Sony’s Patent Approval and Its Significance

Though approval from WIPO-powered PatentScope is still a far cry, Sony allowing its users who own Sony PlayStation to start eSports betting for in-game items through its secure platform would be highly profitable. For both the gaming company and its hundreds of millions of users who spend several hours regularly playing its original titles, eSports betting could be a start of a major phenomenon.

People have seen that it is incredibly difficult to monetise the growth of eSports betting activity due to various regulatory concerns especially in the U.S. North American press representative of Sony declined to comment about the current views of the company regarding eSports betting related patent. There is a lot of speculative concerns regarding how eSports betting requires support from industry giants like Sony and its peers.