FunFair COO Lloyd Purser Opines That Crypto Can Bring Gen Y and Z into the Casino Market

Gen Y and Gen Z audiences are always looking for new and engaging sources of entertainment. In an attempt to promote their games to a carefully curated, highly engaged player audience, different brands have started targeting these individuals. The majority of these individuals are under the age of 35, which is why an increasing number of brands are using individual streamers or streaming networks to promote their games.

Such is also the opinion of Lloyd Purser, the COO of Unfair Games, who also believes that the multiplayer sector in the casino world is relatively untapped. According to him, Casino streaming allows every entity of the industry, such as viewers, players, game developers and others, to be on a level playing field.

The growth in popularity of “crypto-gambling”

In recent years, gamblers under the age of 40 have preferred simple and engaging multiplayer games on the blockchain. These demographics are most familiar with cryptocurrencies. Because Gen Y and Z players have grown up in a more digitally connected world, they are more used to immersive, strategic, social/casual video games. Traditional casino games like slots which are largely a solitary activity cannot reel in this demographics of users. It can only be done via cryptocurrency titles.

Because live casinos have been successful, it reveals a strong market demand for community-driven, multiplayer content via titles like Dream Catcher, Crazy Time and  Monopoly Live.  Multiplayer games are already popular among the cryptocurrency community, which increases the chances for customer retention and acquisition.

Lloyd Purser’s Comments

Lloyd Purser believes that the addition of streamers into the casino landscape is the only way to reach Gen Y and Gen Z players. According to him, streaming can transform gaming and slot play from a single-player experience into engaging, multiplayer entertainment.  He was joined by Casino Grounds CEO Tobias Svensen, who stated that streamers could aid in removing barriers to engagement and create a borderless experience with instantaneous connections between players.

How FunFair hopes to Apply this

FunFair is primarily a decentralized gaming platform that is licensed to casino operators and other organizations in the gambling business. It hopes to solve many of the lingering issues in the gambling industry, such as low customer trust, high operating costs and high fees. FunFair allows its platform to be integrated by casino operators around the world to build their casinos.

FunFair is already well on the way to attract Gen Y and Gen Z players into the casino space. Its debut title AstroBoomers: To the Moon! is a social, multiplayer and community-driven game that allows players to collaborate and compete against the house. This is an entirely different experience compared to the traditional, solitary slot gaming experience.

Multiplayer games are slated to make a big impact in 2021 and beyond, as operators search for novel ways to engage with newer audiences. Projects like FunFair technologies are tackling this head-on, paving the way for more Gen Y and Gen Z participation in the crypto-casino landscape.