If you are reading this article it means a huge fortune is waiting for you right behind the corner. Top 5 casino slot machine secrets are going to open your eyes and clear up your gambling vision. Without further ado let’s get to that matter and improve your winning skills as fast as it’s possible.

1. Basic casino tricks everyone must know

An experienced gambler knows that some of the casino games are considered to be more of a deception than others. Of course, it’s pretty understandable that everything which is inside the casino’s area is always being made only for casino owners’ purposes, but even though it is an actual fact some of the casino slot machines may bring you much less luck than others. For example table games with really huge payouts. You should definitely keep away from those.

But apart from running away from mentioned games you must learn where to stay and gamble. Experts point out that simple blackjack or video poker are games which allow some thinking and strategic development. It means that even though you still have a chance to lose, you also get a bigger chance to win by being aware of game tactics and tricks.

Never forget that casinos’ hospitality is just an illusion created to give the idea of a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. So always keep a track of time and money you have left. Also it’s quite important to remember that you are constantly being watched so don’t try to do anything silly.

2. Useful things they don’t want us to know

One thing to keep in mind is that there is no such thing as random placement in any existing casino. Every obvious slot machine has probably been put to its place only for casino’s purposes. It means that these slot machines are not going to bring you any luck, so try to avoid gambling there. Once you are in some casino go straight to the back of the hall and find yourself some good and profitable machine.

Even though the next tip requires some investigation one thing can be said without any doubt. Classic reel slots are much more profitable than any fancy video slot machine. It is so because classic slots have become less popular among gamblers all around the world. Eventually there has been a sharp increase in their payout rates. There is a lot of information concerning this matter on the Internet, so don’t be lazy and search for some statistics connected with payout rates.

One more important idea that should stick into your mind is that different slots clubs definitely don’t occur and exist to reward you and fulfill your needs. The slot club is one great example of good marketing. The only reason it exists is to analyze and investigate your actions, likes and gambling patterns. So basically speaking it was made to study you and your gambling style.

3. Vitally important details concerning casino slot machines

First point is that it’s impossible to win in a long-term period. Gambling slot machines are designed in such a tricky way that they give back only some small part of the money which was received before. Of course casinos understand that nobody would ever gamble if they didn’t win any money at all, but the percentage of winnings is usually low. A lot of players are aware of this fact but the majority of gamblers still don’t know anything about it.

The second point is closely connected with the first one. And it is max betting. Some people may think that there is no logic in that advice, but believe us there is. The main idea of max betting is that it turns on all the bonuses, increases chances and sets up more pleasant conditions. Casino owners don’t want us to know it. What they really want is that we play with a small bet and bad payout rate. It is much more profitable for them.

The third vitally important detail in slot machine systems is that it’s completely random. Many gamblers create some unreliable schemes or try to predict the slot machine’s behavior but it’s simply useless. Just remember that every spin you make is absolutely independent of the next or previous one. Nothing has any impact on anything. Clear understanding of this fact means you are armed with composure and can act calm and confident.

One more interesting and valuable fact to know is a problem of payout tickets. Experts in psychology proved long ago that such things as casino chips and tickets make people play more. The simple fact that instead of money you are holding some ticket increases chances that you are going to keep on gambling. We strongly recommend you to stay conscious and remember that you have won money and that you can take them once you get this ticket. Don’t let them distract you.

4. Deceptive design of casino slot machines

In many cases it becomes really useful to understand the basics of slot machines’ design. First of all you must know that all of them are created to be gambled as fast as possible. Casinos are constantly thinking of a way to make gambling experience faster. It is due to the fact that in this case owners will be able to earn more. They really don’t want players to play slowly. That’s why next time you gamble, try to relax and just take your time.

When we talk about design we must mention satisfying sounds and graphics of slot machines. Experts of all human sciences work on the development of slot machines. Everything on the screen is made to capture your attention and please your eyes and ears. On the one side gambling becomes more fun, but on the other side it may influence those who have gambling problems.

One more trick casinos use to take us in is an animation of a win which is not actually a win. What they do is that they trick you by showing cheerful animations and happy sounds which usually mean that you have won something very valuable. But in reality you won nothing in sense that your bet was ten times higher than the winnings. Be careful and don’t let sounds and animations blur your eyes.

5. Gambling strategy for a smart player

Before you start gambling you must think thoroughly about the way you want and most importantly can play. You should clearly understand your strengths and weaknesses. Do you search for slots with an incredible jackpot or some slow and calm gaming experience with small but probable wins? First decide then come in.

 In addition you must always remember about your budget. Something you will have to admit is that most sessions on slot machines are going to lose you money. Being ready for such an unfortunate finish is a key step for future success. It is possible that you win and win really a lot but understand that is not some scheduled reward and next time you should be ready to lose. The most thoughtful way is to divide your budget on 260 bets. This simple math will help you to play long enough and control your gambling experience. But if you want to raise a toll and play big you must be ready to leave the place without any doubt and hesitation.


Composure and calmness are two priorities in the world of gambling. Try to stay undistracted and be attentive. Casinos were created to earn money and they don’t differ from any other businesses. The casino slot machines are being constantly improved technologically, so there are fewer opportunities for any sort of super-secret winning tactics. But knowing basic casino tricks and being aware of their main schemes for attraction will definitely put you into a place of a smart player who enjoys gambling but understands when to stop.