Fnatic, a U.K-based Esports Organisation Raises $17M for Expansion in Asian Countries

Fnatic is not new for esports lovers especially those who live in the U.K. This organization is known as one of the most prominent ones in the European region that are planning to expand all over the globe. Being an international esports brand, Fnatic has recently secured $17 million in extra funding from Marubeni Corporation of Japan. This influx of cash is supposed to be spent by the esports organization to extend its influence in markets belonging to Asia-Pacific countries.

The state of Esports in Asia Countries

Japan can be seen as a fast-growing market for esports where a lot of non-Asian companies stand a chance to make a fortune. Esports is a serious business for the Japanese who are enthusiastic players of betting and online games in various formats. In this country, yearly live esports events take place where thousands of professional-grade players participate along with their team members to win an exclusive grand jackpot. The attendees of such events are somewhere around millions.

One other country where esports create such hype among normal people is China where the audience of esports tournaments could grow to approximately 474 million people in 2021, according to some reports. The main reason why betting on esports is so popular in these countries is that regulators often allow people to utilize foreign regulated betting sites. Under these conditions and after raising extra funds, the Fnatic team has a unique opportunity to start building their presence in this region.

Details of the Plan

Fnatic started as a European esports organization with a goal of growing into an international company that has an immense capability and an extensive number of customers from all around the world. Within just a year, the company has emerged into one of the most impressive companies presently functioning in the competitive world of the esports industry. An impressive 80% increase in revenues was reported by Fnatic last year.

The recent funding round was aimed at launching the Fnatic team in Asian countries where they would utilize their skills, expertise, and resources to make a successful debut. Marubeni Corporation that led the last funding round with $17 million has partnered with Fnatic which is going to relocate its Rainbow Six Siege team to help in the expansion of its base of operation in Japan very soon.

What to expect?

About the recent developments, Sam Mathews, Fnatic’s Chief Executive Officer said that Marubeni’s strategic experience regarding the Japanese business aspect would help the esports organisation to get used to the new landscape. Fnatic has already made ties with some major leadership teams in the past who are among the highest-earning esports players in the industry. There have been a lot of new additions to the Fnatic team such as Julien Dupont, Georgina Workman, and Patrick Foster. It would be interesting to see what they can achieve in the Asian-Pacific esports market where hard work is commended by millions of online betting gamers.