Three types of online gambling are banned in Germany

The Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig has confirmed that the ban of organizing and running online casinos, scratch card and poker games is compatible with constitutional and EU laws, even after the partial permit to distribute sports betting and lotteries online. The plaintiffs, based in Malta and Gibraltar, turned against gambling prohibition orders as they […]

Few Customers in the US Report Cryptocurrency Trading to Tax Authorities

According to Credit Karma, less than 0.04 percent of people, who have filed federal taxes this year via the financial service, reported cryptocurrency transactions to the U.S. tax collection agency – Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The IRS considers Bitcoin as property for federal tax purposes and not as currency since March 2014, which means that […]

Do Digital Currencies Issued by a Government Pose a Threat?

Swiss central banker shared her concerns about government-issued cryptocurrencies.

22 European Countries Sign Blockchain Partnership Declaration

22 European countries have signed a Declaration on the Establishment of a European Blockchain Partnership.

23,872 Websites Mine Cryptocurrencies Using Computers of Visitors

More than 20000 websites are infected with crypto-mining scripts and are mining cryptocurrencies via devices of their visitors.

74 Beauty Clinics in Japan now accept payments in Bitcoins

Clients of beauty clinics in Japan can now enjoy cosmetic procedures and pay with Bitcoins.

Price of Bitcoin Will Reach $250K by 2022

Tim Draper predicts a spectacular growth for Bitcoin.

Women’s Cryptocurrency Conference Will Be Held in the Russian Capital

Female cryptocurrency conference to be held in Moscow.

Gambler Wins €6.7 Million Playing a Slot Game on His Mobile

Mobile gambler hits a huge jackpot playing the NetEnt’s slot game.

Blockchain Can Be Applied Prospectively in Finance, Healthcare, Insurance – Head of the IMF

Christine Lagarde, the head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) expressed the view that the blockchain technology has great potential and among other areas of application could be useful in the financial sector and healthcare industry.laga

Telegram Will Use Bitcoin to Get Around Ban in Russia

Telegram founder will invest Bitcoins in proxy and VPN companies.

Italian Regulator Introduces an Option of Self-Exclusion for Addicted Gamblers

Italian gamblers can now self-ban from online casinos.