Blockchain Could Contribute to Fight Against Misinformation & Fake News

The European Commission believes the blockchain technology could serve as a medium of ensuring reliability and transparency of news published on the web.

When Bitcoin and Space Come Together: Bitcoin Will Be Mined in the Upper Stratosphere

Bitcoin mining becomes possible at the edge of Space: Bitcoin will be mined at 35,000 meters.

Will Telegram Renounce Its Public ICO Launch?

According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Telegram decided to give up on its Initial Coin Offering (ICO). An anonymous source shared with the WSJ that the possible cause is that the popular messenger raised enough money ($1.7 bln) in two private ICO rounds, where 81 investors took part in the first round and 84 […]

Bitcoin Banknotes Come Out in Singapore

Manufacturer of smart banknotes for cryptocurrencies will launch Bitcoin banknotes in Singapore.

Japan Imposes Strict Guidelines for Crypto Exchange Platforms

Japan’s financial body, the Financial Services Agency, introduces new rules for crypto exchange market to prevent another Coincheck – crypto hack when more than $500 million were stolen – and thus protect client assets. Not to repeat the mistakes, the Japanese government strives to improve measures in the sphere of crypto exchange regulation. The Financial […]

Oracle to Roll Out Blockchain Software Solutions

Oracle will join the list of companies that offer blockchain software solutions.

Xapo Holds $10 Billion in Bitcoin on Five Continents

Xapo, a company that provides a wallet for Bitcoin and other cryptos, stores Bitcoins worth $10 billion.

Belarus to Develop Requirements for Investors in ICOs & Cryptos

To put their money into ICOs and cryptocurrencies, investors in Belarus will need to meet strict criteria.

Polish Credit Bureau to Leverage Blockchain to Enhance the Security of Customer Data

Polish Credit Office and Billon have developed a blockchain solution for customer information management.

Ukrainian Government Plans to Legalize Cryptos and Seeks Guidance from Citizens

Ukraine is working on a draft law to legalize cryptocurrencies and is open for recommendations and advice from market practitioners.

Questions about Bitcoin Are Featured in High School Examinations in the Netherlands

Dutch students willing to receive higher education answer mathematical questions about Bitcoin as part of the exam.

BitcoinBuster Visited BlockShow 2018

Our report about BlockShow Europe 2018.