Slot tournaments – win cool prizes from GameArt!

In this slot tournament the first 5 winners will get Range Rover Evoque, MacBook Air, iPhone XS, iPad Pro, Bose headphones and others will get decent cash rewards as well!

Slot tournaments are becoming more and more popular with players.  They give you additional chances to get pleasant winnings. You enjoy playing and simultaneously compete with other players for prizes from the prize pool. If you have never participated in tournament slots before, do not be afraid of them, because you can find more information here and the terms of a particular slot are described on the website of your casino or in an email, which you will get, if you are subscribed to receiving promotions.

DasIstCasino constantly please their players with different tournament slots. Just these magical days, when everything is filled with Christmas and New Year’s spirit, you can take part in a special slot tournament X-mass Santa’s Farm Tournament of GameArt in both these casinos.

Range Rover Evoque – brand new, and it can be yours!

Not many online slot tournaments can boast with such generous prizes as X-mass Santa’s Farm Tournament. The prize pool is 50.000 EUR!! and includes not only cash prizes. The first 5 winners will get Range Rover Evoque, MacBook Air, iPhone XS, iPad Pro, Bose headphones respectively or can exchange them for cash prizes (€45,000, €1,300, €900, €500 and €300). But these are not all prizes. The remaining 45 lucky guys will get decent cash rewards as well. It means, that 50 lucky players will get their additional prizes.

And the rules of slot tournaments are so simple!

There is nothing sophisticated in slot machine tournaments. And the rules of X-mass Santa’s Farm Tournament are so transparent as well. Let’s have a quick look! The tournament runs from December, 24 till January, 6 (included). So if you had no possibility to take part in it from the very beginning or maybe didn’t know about such a slot machine tournament, you still have many days left.

All you need to do is to play the partying slot Santa’s Farm of GameArt for real money at DasIstCasino or Konung Casino. The slot has been released this month, but has become the favorite of many players already. Join this cool party and start celebrating! If this slot is new for you, find here more information about it. For every 1 EUR wagered in this slot you will get 1 tournament point. The more tournament points you have, the closer you are to the best prize. Make bets for at least 10 EUR in total and the participation in this tournament will become available for you.

How many times before you had such a chance to receive a classy auto not while working hard, but while relaxing and playing? And now you have a great opportunity to get it (or another prize). Moreover, it can be not the only your reward as you can get big winnings in the slot itself.

In short, slot tournaments online provide you with additional winning chances. X-mass Santa’s Farm Tournament can make your dreams come true with its unbelievable prizes. Visit DasIstCasino or Konung Casino and there you can find more information concerning this tournament. Catch your luck and do not be afraid of being the luckiest one.