Who are they – the richest online gamblers in the world?

Ordinary people win and become rich ones one day. You can also be the richest gambler!

Online gambling is developing fat and with its advent the players’ anonymity was gained. That is why there is a real lack of some fantastic stories of the online gambling winners. The players have the choice to stay unknown and be just satisfied with the result of their online casino activity.

But there are some stories of the great success to tell – these men managed to alter their lives to all the better with help of gambling at their free time. Let us tell you about these crucial moments of the lucky gamblers. We are going to reveal the players’ gambling gain, their present life and aims for future.

TOP 3 online gamblers as the exemplar of the great run of luck

For starters, here is the story of the young online poker player Charlie Carrel. He is only 23 but has already become a millionaire. Charlie got into the University of Warwick two years ago. But he stayed in the status of the student less than a month. The new comer in online poker made his first bet to the extent of 10 euros and started to win time by time. The fortune smiled to him and now Carrel could be proud of his financial position.

He managed to win more than 1,5 million euros during these 2 years of his gambling career. The fellow does not have the higher education, but he runs his own business and is considered as the privileged guest on the live poker tournaments all over the world.

Next lucky gambler is Peter. As it is said before, online gambling industry provides all players with the anonymity. That is why the rich player’s surname in not known. This guy was lucky in slots playing. Some people even tell that Peter is not the real name of the lucky man, but the fact is – he won more than 11 million euros at a time. It was the jackpot and the real surprise for Peter from Norway! This is the unbelievable feeling – to hit such roll.

There is talked that no slot gambler has beaten Peter’s record. But everything is possible – two above mentioned stories are the best proves that could be offered to the frustrated players. And one more man under discussion is Phil Ivey, the online poker player as Charlie Carrel. His golden age started at the end of 2007. The table games online began to get more and more popularity.

Phil likes poker very much. Having been a student in the college, he offered to organize the poker tournaments in the hostel and took part in the poker competitions among the citizens. Such way Ivey won some pin money with help of gambling.

But his first significant gain in online poker occurred in 2007 when he won 1,99 million dollars. Somebody preferred to stop gambling and be thankful for such favors. But Ivey decided to continue – as the result:

  1. 2008 – $7.34 million;
  2. 2009 – $6.33 million;
  3. 2010 – $3 million.

Then Phil managed to become the participant of live poker tournaments and combined his online gambling with the real one. This is one more example of the possibility of fantastic success among the online gamblers. Ordinary people win and become rich ones one day. You can also be the richest gambler! Let our list of casinos help you! Bitcoin Buster wishes you good luck and much profit!