The Apple Credit Card comes into play – to spend money comfortably is easy

The Apple team names the new credit card as the key to the comfortable living, purchases with daily cash back and no credit interests.

Apple corporation is not going to stop with its innovation for the society. There is the extraordinary credit card for Apple gadgets owners – the raw of new opportunities for payments without the physical plastic, without bank support and other liabilities. The Apple team names the new credit card as the key to the comfortable living, purchases with daily cash back and no credit interests.

The concept is based on the transparency and commitment to the users’ requirements. That is why people could reckon on the Apple card rewards and the serviceability. It is known some details for now – let us clue you in the main Apple card peculiarities.

All the special aspects of the innovative credit card by Apple corporation

Besides the profitable Apple card cash back that added daily, there is the raw of the cool advantages new offer provides. Firstly, it is the access to the categories of the purchases done. For example, the user spends much for the coffee or restaurant food – the Apple pay card menu shows the orange-tone statistics in percentage. If there is much green color, the Apple-keeper likes to buy the voyage tickets more.

Moreover, all this and other information is available in IPhone or other gadget. It is easy to analyze your spending money as ABC with help of:

  • The thematic diagrams made daily: Friday – more cash is expended for the entertainment, Sunday – for food, for instance;
  • The geolocation shows where each purchase was done – the user is able to see the place with its address, his bill and the time of the shopping operation;
  • The daily report about cash back charge is available – the access to this sum of money is not limited (it could be spent for buying milk, bill payments, tickets booking, etc.).

That is why most of the experts name the Apple credit card payment as the streamline method people did not have before now. The famous bank supported the idea of Apple Card – Goldeman Sachs is cooperating with the corporation. The team of developers hold the physical card as the additional item because all operations could be done with help of the personal account and Apple Pay wallet. Moreover, the plastic variant of card has only the laser-etched titanium rectangle but no numbers, codes and other signs on it.

The one of the most important peculiarity that proves the ease of use is the Apple Card interest rate. If the user pays his spent balance regularly, each month, there is no credit interest at all. In case the payment could be done in time (the last date of the month), the user gets the information with the interest calculation. And one more surprise for Apple card desirous people – there are no fees, neither annual, nor cash-advance ones.

The Apple card video is available on the official site of the corporation. We also present the promo reel to see the possibilities of the Apple novelty. 


There is not known the definite release date. The developers team suggest to sign up and get the freshest news about their much-talked-of project. The IPhone lovers are waiting for summer because the Apple card release date will take place one of these months.