Gambling with the VIP status – the useless thing or the profitable deal?

The newcomers usually make is to consider that the VIP status is very difficult to get, but to gain the VIP status is very easy.

The experienced players know the peculiarities of VIP status the online casino sites provide. That is why the well-thinking gamblers would like to use the capabilities of their favourite online platforms with the slots, boodles or casual games. Almost all newcomers consider the VIP status and the promotions of this category as one more way to get the extra money by the website they visit for fun, profit and entertainment.

This opinion is not true because the reckless gamblers could get the real bonuses just for their activity and every day playing. There are not the common set of rules for those who wish to become VIP. Each gambling site offers own requirements and the privileges for the Very Important People. The main idea – the VIP program is very profitable and is able to increase the chances to win.

What does usually the VIP status present to the player?

As in the real life, the VIP program is made for the high level of comfort. The gambling websites try to include all the possible promotions and extra possibilities to please the most active gamblers who come regularly to try their chances and win the real money.

Another mistake the newcomers usually make is to consider that the VIP status is very difficult to get. Some users prefer to say that VIP program is not worth noticing – many rules and zero profit. Other group of the lazybones who do not want even to try something new say that the VIP status needs the everyday gambling only, without any exceptions.

But to gain the VIP status is very easy – as a piece of cake, you know. The most popular requirements to the casino online site users are:

  • to make the first deposit in order to activate the account;
  • to play the favourite games and bet on with the real money (fiat or cryptocurrency);
  • collect the special points that are called as “comppoints” (CPs).

The VIP status privileges – the real money, free spins and even the super car!

It should be mentioned that there is usually no extra payments and special actions in order to get the profitable VIP status. The gambling websites make the user as the participant of the VIP program after he manages to collect some number of commpoints. That’s all – it is necessary just to play for real money and get profit!

Let us give to you an example of the efficient VIP program that is provided by one of the most popular gambling websites. PlayAmo casino has 10 different status for all players. While visiting the site first, you would be just an Amateur. But very soon you will have opportunity to change the newcomer’s style and become Rookie with the generous bonus in form of 15 free spins. And what would be further – more profit and more desire to win every your game (get 600 CPs and get the PRO status, or gaining 200 thousand become the DIAMOND player and get 1000 euros to the account!)

PlayAmo also gives possibility to become the owner of Ferrari supercar! And all these just for the active gambling, regular bets and wargering. BitcoinBuster recommends to you not to miss your real chance to get the extra bonuses only for the hands-on involvement. Have a treat – be the VIP player!