You Can Buy a Rolls Royce with Bitcoins

Thanks to the American car dealership Post Oak Motors, you can buy a $350,000 Rolls Royce with 55 Bitcoins.

Since being introduced in 2009, Bitcoin has taken a path from the image of a “shadow currency” used for illegal activities to the most popular cryptocurrency, successfully applied in more and more areas.

Dealer Network of the premium car brand Rolls Royce, Post Oak Motors, starts accepting Bitcoins and Bitcoin Cash as payment for the luxury cars. Now a $350,000 Rolls Royce can be bought for 55 Bitcoins.

According to the owner of Post Oak Motors, Tilman Fertitta, this new payment option will allow customers all over the world to buy the dealership’s cars faster and easier.

BitPay will serve as a medium of Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash payments.

Other luxury brands that accept Bitcoins are Reeds Jewelers, Inc., furniture retailer Juliettes Interiors, All Things Luxury (jewelry brand), Virgin Galactic (space tourism), Premium Jet (aviation company), Tesla (needs no introduction) and many others. Due to the simplicity of transactions and minimal fees the number of companies that accept Bitcoin constantly grows.