When Bitcoin and Space Come Together: Bitcoin Will Be Mined in the Upper Stratosphere

Bitcoin mining becomes possible at the edge of Space: Bitcoin will be mined at 35,000 meters.

Miner One, a crypto mining firm, has equipped a capsule and high-level balloon with everything necessary to mine Bitcoin at the height more than 35,000 meters. The capsule called Space Miner One will be carried by the balloon into the upper stratosphere as a symbol of Bitcoin’s predicted rising in 2018.

As for the rising, Miner One interviewed approximately 1,500 community members. According to the survey, more than 26% think that Bitcoin will rise higher than $25,000 this year, while almost 9% suppose it will reach and cross $45,000.

Pranas Slusnys, CEO of Miner One, said the company observes growing interest in Bitcoin despite recent market depression [Bitcoin drop].