Ukrainian Government Plans to Legalize Cryptos and Seeks Guidance from Citizens

Ukraine is working on a draft law to legalize cryptocurrencies and is open for recommendations and advice from market practitioners.

Ukraine is working on a draft law to legalize cryptocurrencies, according to Oleksiy Mushak, a member of the Ukrainian parliament.

The deputy attached a copy of the draft law to his Facebook post, asking readers to comment on the proposed general regulations for the cryptocurrency market. He also noted that the final version of the document to be prepared in two weeks’ time.

The draft legislation seeks to create a transparent crypto market in Ukraine, as well as define rules for digital assets’ using, storing and exchanging. The regulatory measures are aimed at suppressing the use of cryptocurrencies for the purposes of terrorism financing, money laundering and other illegal actions.

Ukrainian lawmakers have not also overlooked the blockchain technology and reckoned for its use in such spheres as healthcare, education and public relations.