Italian Regulator Introduces an Option of Self-Exclusion for Addicted Gamblers

Italian gamblers can now self-ban from online casinos.

Italian gambling regulator Amministrazione autonoma dei monopoli di Stato has introduced a nationwide program for problem gamblers. The program will allow them to self-ban from Italian online gambling sites.

The emergence of the program has become a response to requests from parties concerned that urged the government to modernize existing gambling procedures for compulsive gamblers.

Unique Self Exclusion Registry will now provide gamblers with an opportunity to remove themselves from all gambling websites in the country. All they need to do is to fill in a single online form, and after that, a gambling operator will have to immediately block access to the player’s account and send the request for exclusion to the central registry. Then the player will be banned from all Italian gambling websites.

Previously, gamers had to self-exclude from each gambling service individually.

Italian gamblers can ban themselves either for half a year or forever.