Google will advertise gambling in the United States

Google will become more loyal to the advertising of American online operators.The company is about to ease up online casino advertising and get rid of a sweeping ban on the industry, in accordance with a report from EGR.Google has reported that online gambling operators from 4 states will be able to advertise their own services. These concessions have become possible for the reason that in these locations this type of activity was legalized by the authorities.In particular, it is reported that Google will review the policy on gambling, which will enable operators of the states of Pennsylvania, Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey to advertise their own services. However, at the same time, there are some very important nuances – since at this stage there has been a ban on online gambling in Nevada, it is likely that we will focus on advertising online betting and poker operations.

Under the new Google policy, online gambling operators that provide services in these states can use to promote their services in the company’s advertising system.It is reported that the new rules will begin to apply at the beginning of the 1st quarter of next year as the company looks to take advantage of the growing industry in the U.S. market. And in the meantime, online casino advertisers are offered the opportunity to conduct additional certification procedures.Google has long held a nationwide restriction on the online casino ads, though it recently changed its policy on sports betting ads in some states following the May 2018 Supreme Court decision allowing individual states to legalize sports gambling.

The updated Google policy assumes the ability to scale the test mode for betting operators. Initially, advertising for such services was only available to companies from New Jersey, after which permission was granted to West Virginia and Nevada. Further to the list were added such states as Pennsylvania, Iowa, Indiana, Rhode Island. The company also announced in its update that it will allow online gambling ads in Kenya, Nigeria, and Colombia.The fact is that the operators of online casinos and sports betting have been trying to defend their own right to advertise legal services for a long time. At the same time, representatives of the shadow segment could win an audience without any special obstacles. It seems that Google has decided to balance the odds in the US online gambling market.It should be reminded that Apple and Google are actively clearing app stores from gambling products of unlicensed market participants.

Earlier the company began allowing ads for legal online sports betting in June for Google users in New Jersey.After that, during an interview in April, it was emphasized that Google was not interested in becoming a gambling company and was just sticking to its role as a technology and advertising partner. A recent report suggests significant progress has been made as Google goes on to evolve its advertising stance with the entire industry.