Gambling Therapy: system operation overview

Protecting users and countering a gambling problem are important aspects of the work of not only gambling regulators but also operators in regulated markets. Due to technological progress, new tools are created annually to minimize the risks associated with gambling risks.

In order to negate the likelihood of addiction, it is customary to introduce comprehensive protection mechanisms at all levels of work, from the state to the operators themselves. So, recently, among European operators, setting spending limits on online gambling, creating self-restriction registers, complicating identification procedures and others is especially popular.

Not the last place in the comprehensive fight against gambling addiction is occupied by educational activities related to the attempt to formulate the right attitude to gambling, as a form of leisure, and not a way to earn money.

In addition to preventive measures, regulators and operators study problem gambling through research. In an extreme case, when it was not possible to avoid the occurrence of mental illness, the user should be able to get a qualified help from a specialist. Therefore, licensees around the world post on their pages in the section on responsible gambling information on where and how psychological help can be received, as well as on exactly what signs you can independently diagnose the primary disorder of habits – gambling. Similar information blocks should be placed not only on the platforms of online gambling operators but also on inland gambling establishments.

Gambling Therapy is a unique online service created to help people who are addicted to gambling. The resource of the development company is aimed at a wide audience.

Users diagnosed with signs of gambling addiction can take part in group exercises that contribute to healing. In total, the company envisaged 11 different groups, including separately working with close gambling addicts.

Users have the opportunity to contact a qualified specialist by writing an e-mail or by calling. One of the useful tools of the site is an active forum where former players share their experience, as well as achievements in the fight against the disease.

The information section of the platform contains several basic materials that allow you to find answers to such important questions: What is gambling? Why do people gamble? What is the cycle of getting used to gambling operations? How does gambling affect a person and loved ones?

Gambling addiction is a phenomenon that certainly deserves attention from the world community, authorities of various countries, operators and specialists. When diagnosing the first signs of a gambling problem, you should consult a specialist and study all available mechanisms for limiting your own participation in gambling.

Gambling Therapy is a good solution, however, it does not replace the main therapy.

It should be reminded that in Spain a gambling problem was recognized as a mental health disorder.