E-Gambling Montenegro Scandal

Montenegrin CIN-CG (Center for Investigative Reporting) has reported that Milovan Maksimovic, the cousin of Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic, whose sole responsibility was E-Gambling, caused enormous damage to the state, which is estimated at € 2,6 million.

Since 2012 Maksimovic, who is also CEO at an offshore company Royal Online Limited, managed to make it possible for 21 online betting platforms to start off, despite having 1 gambling license only, which costed €10,000 a month. The Gambling Association of Montenegro pressed charges against E-Gambling Administration on August 5, 2015, thus initiating an all-encompassing inspection procedure. It turned out that a monthly license should have cost 44 times more, €440,000, which lead to the loss of at least € 2,6 million because E-Gambling Administration payed for 1 license only.

Well, people in power are definitely High Rollers in their own big and filthy games, that’s why such huge numbers are by no means surprising for any of us. Then, why would we inform you about that at all? Certainly, we had serious reasons for that.

We decided that it was our supreme obligation to carry out a journalistic investigation too. First, we turned to all game providers that were supposed to support these casinos. NetEnt was one of the first who gave us an answer. They officially confirmed that such casinos never singned a contract with their company and the games they were offering were pirate clones.

We keep an eye on the situation and are going to give you more details as soon as we get any news. As things stand now, our sincere advice is that you should stay away from online casinos that have been licensed in Montenegro. Bitcoin Buster team obviously endorses trustworthy and responsible gambling. So, if you want to make the right choice of a place to make a bet, check out our online casino reviews because we have already found it.

UPDATE (October 20th, 2015): It seems like the problem with E-Gambling Montenegro licence has now been solved and the casinos working under it are now legal. We’ve updated our catalogue of casinos in order to underline that.