Blockchain Could Contribute to Fight Against Misinformation & Fake News

The European Commission believes the blockchain technology could serve as a medium of ensuring reliability and transparency of news published on the web.

According to the European Commission (EC), blockchain could fit in the framework dedicated to fight against unreliable information.

The EC sees the blockchain technology as a means of ensuring reliability, transparency, traceability and integrity of information posted on the internet. The European Commission also expects blockchain could be used efficiently in conjunction with trustworthy authentication, electronic identification and verified pseudonyms. Thus, blockchain could facilitate trust in online news services, as well as cybersecurity.

The latest announcement by the European Commission is a logical sequel to the publication of a report calling for transparency on the part of online services to combat disinformation on the web. The report was published by the EC High-Level Expert Group.

The next measure to be taken by the EC is the development of the EU-wide Code of Practice on Disinformation, which is expected to be released by July 2018.

Let us remind that the European Commission has recently (on April 11) announced the establishment of a European Blockchain Partnership involving 22  European countries.