Belarus to Regulate Online Gambling

Online gambling will be legalized in Belarus. Online casino operators will need to receive licenses.

Tax and Duties Ministry of Belarus announced that online gambling will be regulated in the country starting from the spring (April 1) of the next year.

Vladimir Mukvich, a representative of the Ministry, noted that it is unlikely that a lot of online casino operators will emerge, as there are no “indicators of such a trend”. He also added that the enforcement of online gaming licenses for operators aims at the protection of players in Belarus.

Earlier in August, the president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, signed the decree to legalize and regulate online gambling. According to the decree, the minimum age for online casino players to be 21 instead of 18.

Additionally, Belarusian tax authorities will control online casino operators by monitoring payment transactions.

Belarus is also planning to legalize ICOs and cryptos.