Almost 50% of Millennials in the USA Have a Stake in Using Crypto

What respondents in the USA think of cryptocurrencies and the probability of their wide adoption.

According to the research by YouGov Omnibus, 48% of American millennials would be interested in using cryptocurrencies.

1202 respondents were interviewed to indicate their interest in using cryptocurrencies. More than one-third of them claimed that they would rather use a cryptocurrency than the American dollar. In addition, the survey showed that millennials divided into two almost equal parts in their views on this matter: 48% said they are interested in using cryptos and 50% are not.

34% of respondents are skeptical about cryptos becoming widely accepted currencies. At the same time, millennials are more optimistic: 44% believe cryptocurrencies will be widely adopted.

In June, a similar survey was carried out by the Ipsos company on behalf of ING Bank B.V. They interviewed 15,000 respondents from 15 countries (1000 from each).

The study showed that 35% of European respondents think that cryptos are the currencies of the future for online payments.