Isla Moore

Gambling & Cryptocurrency Writer

Isla Moore’s career as a gambling writer is driven by her innate desire to share the excitement with a broader audience.


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What makes Isla Moore professional writer in Gambling Industry

She was raised in Manchester, United Kingdom, and due to her father, Isla became a fan of Manchester United before she even got her high school diploma. So, there is no surprise that sports betting became her first touch with the world of gambling.


Across all her classes at Bangor University, a consistent theme emerged: an unwavering fascination with statistics. The allure of the newscast team was irresistible, a precursor to her destiny in journalism. Armed with her conviction, she pursued a degree in Journalism and Communication with honors. She was looking for a true passion leading through diverse internet magazines, penning articles spanning numerous niches, and finally, her journey intersected with the realm of cryptocurrencies.


The cryptocurrency surge of 2014/15 prompted Isla to delve into this novel domain. Crafting articles on virtual coins challenged the conventional paradigm of government-controlled currency, a concept that captivated her imagination. The pivotal moment arrived in 2016, Isla got an invitation to join a premier casino site. In just a month, Isla realized she had found her calling. The platform provided the ideal canvas to share something genuinely enjoyable.


One of the highlights of Isla Moore’s year is her visit to the Blockchain Economy Summit in 2020. This event brings together professionals, experts, and enthusiasts from the gambling and cryptocurrency sectors. Also, she actively participates in networking events, connecting with fellow writers, investors, and professionals who share her passions.


Since then, Isla Moore’s name has reverberated throughout gambling circles, her ardor for delivering entertaining content complemented by her communication acumen. The fusion of her passion and expertise has yielded exceptional articles in the casino and crypto spheres.


Isla Moore is happily married to James, who works in the finance sector and shares Isla’s passion for analyzing data. Their shared interests have not only strengthened their relationship but also allowed them to collaborate on various investment ventures in the cryptocurrency market. The couple’s household is complete with their lovable and intelligent white poodle named Minnie.


In addition to her passion for sports betting, Isla Moore has a deep love for photography. Most often she takes photos of her beloved partner and their furry companion. Isla’s hobby allows her to document the memorable moments in her life.