We already stated that our main goal is to provide you with unbiased, detailed reviews of online casinos, hottest Bitcoin games or any significant news concerning iGaming world. It is by no means propaganda and it’s your personal right whether to follow us or not, but our today’s article was carefully crafted to tell you something really important.

Not only many ordinary people, but also a lot of fans of both online, and land-based playing still don’t have a clear and definitive idea of the pluses and advantages of Bitcoin gambling. That’s why we decided to outline the strongest and most essential points of why playing for Bitcoins trumps any fiat currency betting.

First of all, lets us define the main characteristics of this cryptocurrency. It is equivalent to international Internet cash, allows irreversible transactions to anyone without any mediators, cannot be devalued or fooled by any other technology due to being a completely decentralized currency that is not controlled or restricted by any government, bank or other organization. Besides, it uses the same cryptography as Internet banking and, therefore, makes itself unprecedentedly trustworthy. And, moreover, it is an opened project that can be improved for everyone’s benefit any time a revolutionary idea is offered, approved and implemented. With no doubt, this all turns it into the future of online commerce. But the thing is, it can already be used today.

Now, speaking of its advantages over fiat money gambling, one can mention a few off the top of head. As contrasted to fiat currency transactions, which may be costly and take up to 5 days, Bitcoin payments are inexpensive, quickfire and convenient. So, all of those who use Bitcoins have the possibility to process their deposits or payouts instantaneously.

Bitcoin is the denomination of freedom. At least, freedom to play because the government of the USA, as well as of many countries in the world, prohibits all the fiat currency transactions that deal with internet gambling. Bitcoin, being a decentralized cryptocurrency, legally allows gambling wherever there is Internet.

Land-based casinos regularly have Know You Customer standards. This means that they demand specific biographical information, which prevents money laundering or fraudulent activity. Due to having sophisticated Anti-Fraud systems, online Bitcoin casinos are safe as well, but they also provide their customers with an opportunity to stay totally anonymous. That’s why registration process takes a few moments, too, and requires having an email only. Apart from that, many Bitcoin games are accessible not only in desktop, but also in mobile versions, so players all over the world can get the thrilling experience of their favourite games on their tablets or smartphones too. The fact that there can be no limits for minimum deposits in online Bitcoin casinos or that minimum deposits, as well as bets, may be unbelievably small makes them even more appealing and user-friendly.

All in all, Bitcoin is globally instant, secure, innovative and loved both by players, and operators. It has already become a worldwide trend and its acclaim is going to grow continuously along with the popularity of online gambling. So, if you want to bet, use Bitcoin. The rest is our job.