Baccarat is a type of card games which is said to be one of the most popular casino titles all over the world, and Asia especially.

This card game has a long history and is believed to have started in the end of 15th century in Italy under the name Baccara. Now, Baccarat has two main variants – American and French – and a few local versions like Punto Banco or Chemin de Fer depending on the country where the game is played.

A deck of 52 cards and a shoe of six decks are used to play this game. One can place bets on such betting areas as Tie, Banker and Player. The goal of the player is to get the total of the hand (usually 2 or in certain cases 3 cards) which is as close as possible to 9. At the same time, it must be higher than the hand of a banker.

Once the chips are placed on necessary fields, click “Deal” to start the round and get the cards. If you wish to make the same bet after the round is finished, click “Rebet”. In case you want to change it, just choose “New Game”.


The animations are smooth and on the whole the visuals of the game leave a fairly nice impression. Besides, a mild feminine voice helps you to count the total of the hands at the end of each round. This is really important because many novices find game rules quite hard to understand. Moreover, one can get the full instruction by simply clicking “Help” while playing.

Apart from that, the game window features five buttons in the top-right corner, which allow one to find paytable details, switch off sound effects or set the preferable volume, go into fullscreen mode, and exit the game.


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