Welcome to our new section called “Game Of The Week”. We will be choosing one online casino game a week that is definitely worth trying, and our first choice is West Town.

West Town is a Wild West themed slot game with 5 reels and 9 pay lines  made by SoftSwiss. Along the traditional for this type of games card symbols this slot games also has such symbols as Sheriff Badge, Revolver Gun, Gold Chest, a Glass of Whisky, a ‘Wanted’ Notice, Joker, and Bandit.

The game has ‘Home’, ‘Fullscreen’, ‘Mute’ and ‘Settings’ buttons available at the top. To spin the reels you should click either the reels area or a ‘Spin’ button on the right of the screen.

Among the settings available in the pop-up window, which appears after clicking the ‘Settings’ button on the top right of the screen, are:

  • ‘Bet Settings’ allowing you to adjust the value of your bet and the count of pay lines;
  • ‘Sound & Music’ allowing to adjust the volume of background music and the game sounds;
  • ‘Autospin Settings’ offer wide selection of settings available for Autospin mode.

West_Town_1There also two more tabs available at the ‘Settings’ window which are ‘Paytable’ and ‘Rules & Lines’. ‘Paytable’ explains you the value of reel symbols and their combinations and ‘Rules & Lines’ speaks for itself.

The game itself makes a very good impression with overall presentation. The art used in this game looks nice and the reels animations are very smooth which make the playing process very eye appealing. As a reviewer, I should also praise the opportunity of skipping the reel spinning animation and getting the results straight away.

Upon the winning, the game shows the pop-up window giving you the information on your win amount.

The music used in the game underlines the western-cowboy theme used given the banjo driven melody, but I doubt that many people will be playing with the sound on. It doesn’t shine and doesn’t blow your mind, but it serves its function and gives you the feel required to associate the game with the setting chosen.

The one thing that this game certainly lacks is the bonus game. It is your regular game so don’t expect much, but the West Town is definitely the slot game you won’t be disappointed by.


Game Pros:

  • Smooth animations
  • Nice visual and art style

Game Cons:

  • Lack of bonus game
  • Kind of generic music


You can get more information about West Town and find out where to play this nice game here.