Satoshi’s Secret is a brand new 6-reel and 20 payline video slot created by the Czech gambling provider Endorphina and released in June, 2015.


When players bump into Satoshi’s Secret Slot for the first time, some of Bitcoin neophytes might be a bit puzzled, asking themselves who on earth is Satoshi. Satoshi Nakamoto is a person who allegedly designed and created Bitcoin Software and Core, and what is much more striking he is one who mined approximately 1 mln BTC – an impressive 240 mln USD! Whoever is Satoshi might be he or she is certainly filthy rich.


The design fully corresponds to the idea of the game and it is so easy to be sheerly enticed into gaming, suggesting that you are a hacker, stealing banks and even trading currency on Forex. Isn’t it cool to be a supersmart villain, having a clear idea how to deprive banks of moola, how to crack a system?

Main Game Symbols

There are 6 letters – QWERTY. These are 6 keys in consecutive order on the keyboard and hint to the fact – many a user don’t especially rack one’s brains as to make up a secure password thus simplifying the task to hack and win. Also there are Euro, Dollar and Pound currency signs, a Hacker, a Wild and a Bitcoin symbols, which are represented as a microchip for the first one and a yellow padlock with the Bitcoin currency sign inscribed on it for the latter.

Winning Combos

To begin with, the Wild symbol substitutes any other except for the Bitcoin padlock (which is a Scatter) and therefore increases the prospects of winning. 4 most profitable combinations are 6 hacker signs aligned – that’ll bring you 500,000 credits, 6 pound currency symbols – it’ll do 300,000 coins, and 6 euros or dollars aligned will amount to 100,000 coins. Needless to say that there is a great number of other less profitable winning combinations. After each winning it is up to you whether to take win or to take risk. Upon choosing Take Risk, you’ll switch to a new game. There you’ll see one open dealer’s card and 4 more flipped over, in order to win a dealer and double your win you should overtrump its card intuitively choosing one of 4 cards. You can play in such a way as long as you wish constantly doubling coins.

Bonus Games

Two combinations, which lead to 2 different bonus games, deserve our special heed. The combination QWERTY, which gives you the opportunity to hack one of three banks, namely: green, yellow and red. The green one is easiest to hack but possesses the least amount of money, the yellow is middle both in difficulty and money and, finally, the red one is really difficult to hack but will bring you a fortune. But be quick the police is alert and vigilant. The more time you spend trying to crack the system, the higher risk to be caught.

And, eventually, you could savour the spice of Satoshi’s Secret – the Bonus Trading Game, if you happened to gather 4 Scatters – Bitcoin Padlocks. This game resembles Forex. You should predict whether the exchange range of US dollar, Euro or GBP would increase or decrease. The more accurate you’ll be the higher multiplications of the win you’ll accumulate.

Final Note

Being the first ever Bitcoin-themed slot and undoubtedly the five-star quality one we hope Satoshi’s Secret will herald the further triumphant spread of Bitcoins and Bitcoin Gambling all around the world.