At least once in a lifetime, any PC-user played the Minesweeper. This is an all-time classic and a nice little game helping office workers to have fun during their working time since its appearance in Windows.

And now developers from SoftSwiss decided to bring this cult classic into the world of online gambling. Now players are able not only to play it for having fun but also have an opportunity to win actual money.

Actually, it’s not a simple copy of the traditional game. It’s not as complex and math-related as people know the Minesweeper. It’s rather a guessing game. This variation, by the way, kind of resembles bonus games used in slot games.

So the player’s go is to go through the minefield without blowing up. If you’ve chosen clean block you progress to the next line of blocks. After each successful round you can either take the money you’ve already won or continue to the next line and try your luck next time. The amount of money you win grows bigger with every successful round tempting the player to continue playing. The closest  association I can come up with is different TV quiz-shows like ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’, for example.

This simple formula actually gives the player a lot of fun and does not require learning the rules since they’re pretty basic and self-explanatory.

The game also has an option of choosing the size of your playfield which can grant additional challenge and can increase your winnings.

The graphics used in this game leave nice impression and makes the game pleasant to look at. It won’t strike you with multiple special effects and this game actually does not require them. It’s stylish and is made with a sense of taste.

The game doesn’t have the background music and all the sound it has is the sound effects of explosions and the sound the game makes when you win.

The only negative moment spotted by me upon reviewing this game is the one technical issue I faced. The game requires using the WebKit web-browser (Chrome or Opera, and also Safari if you are the Mac owner).  At first I tried to play the game on Mozilla Firefox and the game gave me the error message prompting me to use WebKit browser. On the attempt of starting the game on Microsoft Edge the game actually started and worked all the way, but had glitched menus and on-screen buttons.

In general, however, SoftSwiss managed to make a really nice game that every bitcoin gambler should definitely try out.