Big news for Bitcoin users came recently from Neteller. The payment system now has Bitcoin as one of the payment methods.  Now the people who use Neteller can deposit Bitcoins into their accounts  and spend them with the help of Neteller on any site that accepts this cryptocurrency. Moreover Neteller has made the fee on deposits equal to 1% (compared to 5% before).

The use of Bitcoin grants you many opportunities as it’s completely anonymous and because of it’s instant transactions. Any person using Bitcoin can transfer any sum to any other person without any limitations within just a couple of seconds and without any supervision from third-party party  structures like banks or government.

But that’s not the most important feature of Bitcoin compared to its low fees on transactions. Transaction fee is always lower than the one paid on using more ‘traditional’ money. Judging by the general picture the companies which use the Bitcoin as the currency for their transactions noticed the positive effect from using this cryptocurrency and from its low fees.

The worldwide Bitcoin community became excited upon the announcement of Neteller starting to use Bitcoin as the payment method. But eventually people met these news with lesser enthusiasm after they got to know that all the Bitcoin transactions  are subject to enormous 5% fee. This couldn’t be accepted since Bitcoin is well-known for its price flexibility. Eventually Neteller made the fee five times lower. Although some people still think that’s too much but it is definitely a step in right direction. Moreover if you compare the size of this fee to, for example, to credit cards it’s almost two times lower.


Many merchants are still hesitant towards direct Bitcoin transactions even though one don’t have to establish any additional infrastructure or lose more money because of the fees. But once any payment system starts accepting Bitcoin it gives people opportunity to use cryptocurrency in any transactions with the desired merchant. It will only require one excessive step of funding the account in the payment system with Bitcoin.

This situation seems rather strange since thanks to low fees companies can only benefit from using Bitcoin.

Now you can also benefit from these news as an online gambler as you’re free to use Neteller to fuel your casino accounts as an additional option and you don’t have to pay a big fee like before. Choose your favorite Bitcoin casino and your favorite casino game from our catalogue. Feel free to read the reviews on Bitcoin casinos and casino games and to leave your opinion on them in the comments section. Join the world of Bitcoin gambling and let us be your guide in it.