UK Meds, leading online pharmacy in the United Kingdom, entered into a cooperation agreement with Stratis, a blockchain-as-a-service provider.

Blockchain solution developed by Stratis will be applied to resolve a problem that affects online pharmacies and harms patients’ safety:  it will prevent people from ordering potentially harmful drugs several times simultaneously from various online pharmacies.

Implementation of a mutual blockchain solution in collaboration with other online pharmacies will allow to ensure that pharmacies and doctors know which patient orders which drugs from different pharmacies. This will be achieved by assigning unique identifiers to patients.

CEO of UK Meds, Joe Soiza, noted that building a shared distributed ledger technology will help to protect people struggling with drug addiction. He added that the company is ambitious to set a standard across the entire industry.

CEO of Stratis, Chris Trew, said that this cooperation is a good example when unique qualities of blockchain “will make a real difference”.

In addition, the technology provided by Stratis is expected to optimize the supply-chain of UK Meds by deploying Smart Contracts of Stratis in C#. The solution will allow to track each stage of a medication’s status: from its production to the delivery to a pharmacy.